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Choedwyr, Braewen
Description Born: Naia 17, 975. Father of Cara, Thedos, and Lysande; husband to Lianna. Braewen is a former sailor who saved up his money to buy a home and find a wife. He married Lianna after the fall harvest of 994, when she informed him that she was pregnant with his child. He has never regretted his decision, and has given up sailoring to take care of the house while she supports the family. He cuts wood, traps, farms, and knows a lot more about cooking than most women of the community.
  • Storm Dancer in DargonZine 8-1 Braewen tells Thedos he can't register the ship.
  • Storm Dancer II in DargonZine 12-12 Thedos' father, and husband to Lianna.