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Grey Talka's
Description A seedy tavern in Dargon's New City, near the river port and the corner of Dock Street and Division Street.
  • Steel Souls in DargonZine 1-1 Passing mention as Ittosai reflects on the differences between Dargon and Bichu.
  • Paula's Star in DargonZine 11-7 Tavern where Lars and Hestor take Paula to eat and discuss her future.
  • Have You Ever Been to Northern Hope? 2 in DargonZine 19-2 Parris Dargon watches the barge traffic on the Coldwell River from Grey Talka's.
  • The Farewell Tour in DargonZine 21-4 Butler walks past
  • The Lie in DargonZine 24-2 Passing reference