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Asbridge, Duchy of
Description A duchy in the northern section of Baranur, its neighbors are Dargon to the north, Narragan to the west, Arvalia to the south, and the Cirrangill Sea to the east. Its ducal seat, Miass, lies on the eastern shore, and is home to Duchess Tornia Asbridge, the maternal aunt of Count Luthias Connall. During the Great Houses War, Asbridge sided with the Insurrectionists who supported Aendasia Blortnikson against King Caeron Tallirhan. After the Baranur-Beinison War, King Haralan Tallirhan carved Nulain out of a remote portion of Asbridge. The colours of the Duchy are those of its ruling family, Asbridge, which is or, a chevron sable (i.e. a gold field surmounted by a black chevron).