DargonZine F9, Issue 2

FSFNet 9-2 Editorial


Greeting. Apologize for lateness of issue. Promise that the next issue will be more prompt. Plug stories in current issue. Plug stories in next issue. Welcome new subscribers. Close.


Actually, I could try to pawn the lateness of this issue on the fact that the Dargon Project had a minor contradiction come up which had to be addressed, but the truth is that I procrastinated bringing it up to the authors, so it’s still my fault. O well. This time I also have to apologize for the size of this issue, although THAT I can slough off onto someone else’s conscience!


Two items of news to report. Firstly, the procurement department is having difficulty obtaining the prizes for the SF writing contest (see last issue’s announcement). I am hoping to purchase the prizes soon, and I hope that many of you are considering entering a short story. The other item of news is that although WISCVM is shutting down effective December 15, FSFnet should be able to get through the replacement local gateway, and I forsee no interruption of service to our internet subscribers.


But, this editorial must be kept short and sweet. The next issue will be out very soon (“No, *really*!”), and will contain a good mixture of Dargon and non-Dargon works.

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