DargonZine F8, Issue 1

FSFNet 8-1 Editorial


At long last, we have the first issue of the 1987 summer volume. The delay since the last issue is certainly not due to lack of submissions, as I currently have enough material on hand to send out nearly five full issues. Why, then, has 8-1 not been sent out until now? Well, as you will recall (if you read the Xeditorial in the last issue), I am in the process of setting up shop so that FSFnet will be available via standard US post for readers who do not have computer accounts. I vowed that I would not send out 8-1 until I had a firm policy for this. Therefore, it is with great pride that I announce that FSFnet now supports hardcopy subscriptions.


Hardcopy subscriptions are available to the public at a cost of $2.00 per issue for domestic orders, and $2.50 per issue for issues sent abroad. These issues will be produced using Amiga desktop publishing. Issues will be improving in the near future, as I am planning on purchasing a new printer for that purpose, and I hope to include graphics in the future. To receive a hardcopy subscription to FSFnet, I need your full name, mailing address, and payment. Please specify the number of issues your subscription will last, and the payment should be the above rate multiplied by the number of issues. Checks should be made payable to David A. Liscomb. Correspondance may be addressed via electronic mail to CSDAVE@MAINE.BITNET or via US post to David A. Liscomb, 221 C Center Street, Bangor Maine, 04401 USA.


Now, as I mentioned, we have a backlog of stories waiting to be printed, so future issues will be sent out very soon. Some highlights include the continuation of Joel Slatis’ “Ceda” epic, the continuation of John White’s “Treasure” series, several short stories by new Dargon authors, several excellent Dargon stories by Jim Owens, and my own “Legend in the Making”. So watch your readers!


Also of note, several FSFnet writers (myself included) will be attending the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Pennsic War on August 8-15. There will be a gathering of Dargon authors for their own secret purposes, and all FSFnet readers are welcome to seek us out. If you will be at Pennsic and wish to drop by, feel free to contact me, and arrangements can be made.


Enough! Enough, I say! On to the issue at hand, if you will…

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