DargonZine F7, Issue 2

FSFNet 7-2 Editorial


Well, I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting for VOL7N02, and here you are. Inside you’ll find two shorts from Jim Owens as well as continuations of the Spirit of the Wood and Ceda series. I’m sure you’ll be entertained. In VOL7N03 watch for the next (and very significant) installment in the Atros tale, as well as the beginning of another round of Dargon stories.


Also, I’d like to welcome the large number of new readers who have signed up since Christmas. For those of you interested in back issues, several file servers maintain copies. SILMARIL at FINHUTC and TCSSERVE at TCSVM both maintain complete collections, CSNEWS at MAINE maintains several recent editions, as SERVER at TAMCBA maintains some of the most ancient issues.


Thank you all, and enjoy!

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