DargonZine F6, Issue 5

FSFNet 6-5 Editorial


Hello, all! This is the last issue of the 1986 calendar year, and the last issue of volume six. It contains only two stories, although I’m sure that you will find the issue highly enjoyable. Issue 7/1 will be out soon after the New Year, and will contain the second half of John White’s story, as well as an interesting piece by Glenn Sixbury. That issue will also mark the second anniversary of FSFnet, and it will be our 28th issue. I’ll be sure to write an appropriately verbose editorial, of course.


For those of you who have not received 6/4 (due to a network problem), you may request it from CSNEWS at MAINE or TCSSERVE at TCSVM. I have (hopefully) corrected the problem for this issue.


I’d like to welcome our new subscribers, and wish all and sundry a joyous and fulfilling Yuletide. Onwards!

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