DargonZine F6, Issue 4

FSFNet 6-4 Editorial


Well, things have been mighty hectic. I have just returned from a visit to New York City over the Thanksgiving holiday, which was very entertaining. However, the big news is that FSFnet is no longer being sent directly to you, but is being distributed by the LISTSERV distributed server network. It certainly makes my job considerably easier, and hopefully no one will wind up with format problems. But that’s all icing on the cake.


We’ve got several interesting tidbits in this issue, including the conclusion of John White’s excellent story, The Dream. Also you will find installments of Joel Slatis’ Ceda tale and Rich Jervis’ Spirit of the Wood stories, as well as an interesting story from Carlo Samson. I am quite impressed with this issue, and There will be at least one more issue out before Christmas, and possibly two before the new year. Looking forward, we have another excellent story from John White, which I am sure you will enjoy, and the continuation of Merlin’s Atros epic. Enjoy, and best wishes!

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