DargonZine F6, Issue 1

FSFNet 6-1 Editorial


Greetings, and welcome to the first issue of volume 6 of FSFnet! I am your host, Mr. Pourke, and he is Fattoo…


Ah, yeah. Sorry about that. You know, school and all. The first (serious) order of business is to welcome the new subscribers. Keep spreading the word! Secondly, I’m once again attempting to organize BITNET Diplomacy games, and anyone interested should get in touch with me before yesterday. Thirdly, I’d like to make a comment about another fanzine. GateWays is an Arpa fanzine, and is available by sending mail to CHUQ%PLAID@SUN.ARPA. Finally, I’d must say that since school is back, so are several of our best authors, and I’m *sure* (right guys?) they will be more productive than ever.


Well, I must keep this short. Thanks to everyone for being so patient. On to the good stuff…

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