DargonZine F4, Issue 4

FSFNet 4-4 Editorial


Well, everyone, here is the last spring issue. Summer is quickly approaching even our northern clime, and school is something best left forgotten until September. The summer volume (five) will continue to be produced, and we will try to keep the Dargon project going, despite the loss (for the summer) of some of our best authors. Some of the issues will be Dargon issues, while some will contain more traditional items. One note of special interest is that there will be a special gaming issue this summer. I’d like to solicit articles from gamers out there, particularly ones who have dabbled in designing their own games. The issue will concentrate on giving exposure to games BITNETters have designed and the hows and whys of roleplaying game design. If anyone is interested in contributing, ship me a note as soon as possible.


The volume past has been a great success, and I’d like to thank both the readers and the authors who have made the Dargon Project possible. One of the major purposes I have intended for FSFnet has been to get amateur fantasy and science fiction authors together to compare styles, to begin friendships and correspondances, and to expose them to a truely diverse readership to give them an idea of what the public desires in fantasy fiction. The Dargon Project has not only been a boon for readership, but it has brought amateur authors together in a productive setting. Perhaps I’m going overboard to think that FSFnet is one of the most productive non-computer oriented BITNET organizations. Thank you, one and all, for your interest as readers, and a very very special thank you to the authors for joining together to bring this about.


Well, before I can think of something else silly to say, I’d best introduce this issue, the last of volume four. You will find in here three related stories, and the resolution of some question marks. We’ll be looking for you with 5-1 real soon.

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