DargonZine F4, Issue 2

FSFNet 4-2 Editorial


Well, folks, here’s the second batch of Dargon stories. The response to the first ish was, as we downeasterners say, “wicked massive”. In fact, when I told one reader that my head was swelling and that I’d start charging for FSFnet, he came back saying that he’d pay for it! Well, for now we’ll just keep cranking out the stuff for free, but I won’t refuse contributions…


I’d like to thank Chris Condon for keeping FSFnet in BITLIST, and all the new readers who responded to BITLIST or the note I sent out last month. Readership is better than ever, but we all know there are more people out there who would be interested in this sort of fanzine, so spread the word, send issues around, and coerce people if necessary to make them sign up! The more the merrier, right?


Finally, for all you back-issue freaks, FSFNET INDEX, a list of back issues and their contents is available from mine truly. Feel free to ask for it, and any back issues, but remember that such requests often go several weeks before being fulfilled, since issues before 4-1 are kept on magnetic tape in my living room.


Well, that’s all the news from the north, on to the two newest Dargon stories…

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