DargonZine F11, Issue 3

FSFNet 11-3 Editorial


Well, we all knew it was coming, and here it is: the last issue of FSFnet. But before I get sentimental, I do want to remind everyone that John White will begin putting out the new Dargon Project magazine real soon. I know that he already has some submissions, and everyone who is currently subscribed to FSFnet will automatically be subscribed to the new magazine. I hope that everyone offers John the same support I’ve received in putting out FSFnet. I promise that I won’t say “this is not an ending, but a beginning”, because it is really neither. It is a continuation, and hopefully a change for the better.


And since there is no further mundane business, the reminder of this editorial will be the business of ending the magazine. I’ve included in this issue a history of FSFnet, which (at least in *my* mind) doesn’t qualify as ‘a work of fantasy’, but I felt there might be some interest in it (and there were no other submissions forthcoming). Still, I think it fitting that this issue contains the first true co-written Dargon work, and I must say that I’ve enjoyed working with Wendy on it. I hope you enjoy it.


And now for the thank-yous. After four years of publication, I really cannot thank everyone involved enough for everything that has been done to keep FSFnet afloat. However, rather than fill an entire issue with my personal thanks, I will keep this brief, but heartfelt. Firstly, of course, I must thank you, the readership, because without your interest and support we would never have gotten off the ground in the first place. As I wrote at the conclusion of the initial ‘issue’:


This is your fanzine, more than it is mine. It is up to you to keep


it going. I have merely brought you together. Now it is your turn.


Well, with a direct readership of nearly 700, I’d say you’ve kept it going. Special thanks and kudos go to everyone who has contributed to the magazine, whether their contribution was a story or merely letting other people know about FSFnet. Similarly, all those people who have set up local distribution points or cross-posted FSFnet also deserve recognition. Thanks to Chris Condon for keeping FSFnet in his BITLIST and NetMonth magazines, and to Rich Zellich for keeping it in the internet LIST-OF-LISTS. Also special thanks to Chuq von Rospach, who has handled all the internet distribution of FSFnet since the WISCVM gateway was shut down. But of all the people with whom I’ve come in contact in my capacity as editor, two people deserve very special recognition, not only by myself, but by everyone.


Firstly, Joseph Curwen. Curwen is a very intelligent and resourceful friend who was one voice among the handful of people who were in on FSFnet from the start. Although his submissions to FSFnet have been infrequent, they have been among the best works we’ve seen, and he has been a steady companion to me over the years. He was a very important element of the Dargon Project, and continues to be a close personal friend to myself and the authors who valued his skill. Curwen graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia recently, and plans to find employment as a teacher. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will also be able to call writing one of his professions in the future. FSFnet owes a great deal to this budding author.


And, secondly, John White. John learned of FSFnet and joined the Dargon Project in the summer of 1986 and very quickly began producing huge quantities of stories which helped see FSFnet through times of want and times of plenty. John’s interrelated stories formed a huge work which culminated in issue 10-2 this past spring. But beyond his writing, John has also taken a leadership role in the Dargon Project, and is now undertaking even more responsability. With the end of FSFnet, John has become the manager of the Dargon Project, and also the editor of its magazine, which you will see shortly. This is a very serious duty, and John is both capable and willing to execute it. Like Curwen, John has been indispensable to FSFnet, and he deserves particular thanks and support as he gets the new zine off the ground.


With that, my business has concluded. I must say that I have enjoyed putting out FSFnet greatly, and I hope that you have enjoyed it, as well. It’s been an interesting road we’ve shared, and it has been a pleasure meeting you all, and working with you. So until we meet again, fare thee well, and blessed be.

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