DargonZine 9, Issue 4

Dargonzine 9-4 Editorial


Summer is inevitably a slow time of year for online magazines, with students off on break and just about everyone looking up from their computer monitors to enjoy the beauty of the real world. Combine that with ye editor working ludicrous hours, and it shouldn’t be surprising that after a streak of printing four issues in five months, it’s been nearly three months since our last issue. However, we don’t expect that to be the norm, and we appreciate your patience and continued interest.


Another event which added a slight delay to 9-4’s publication was a scheduled weekend in Denver this June with several of the Dargon Project writers. We spent the weekend climbing around places where sane people wouldn’t venture and generally having a great time in a beautiful area. And of course we reminisced, talked shop, and made plans for the future of DargonZine.


And that future looks pretty good, if one judges by the number of new readers that have subscribed lately. Since April we’ve had around sixty new readers sign up, for whom this is their first issue, and this without putting out an issue for three months! Welcome, everyone! If you’re a new reader, you might want to check out the back issues, particularly DargonZine 9-2 and DargonZine9-3, which contain parts one and two of storylines which continue in this issue.


While we’ve added our name to several Web search engines, word-of-mouth remains our most important method of finding new readers, so I would encourage you to tell your friends about DargonZine and share your issues.


As mentioned, this issue continues Dafydd’s “Shadowstone” series and Mark Murray’s “Friendships Bloody Tear” series. Both storylines began in DargonZine 9-2, continued in DargonZine 9-3, and part three of both series’ appears here. Watch for the final climactic installment of “Shadowstone”, which should be out in our next issue!


And this issue also features part one of a new storyline by Dargon “Old One” Carlo Samson. Carlo’s been writing Dargon Project stories for over a decade now (whatever happened to term limits?), and his writing has improved over time. His “Ruthless Revelry” promises to be very exciting, and he’s writing part two now, unless someone has given him back the remote control for his television …


That’s all the news from the editorial desk. Thanks for your interest, and enjoy the issue!

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