DargonZine 8, Issue 1

Dargonzine 8-1 Editorial


I hope you all enjoyed the special two-issue “Best of DargonZine” reprints. I can tell you that our veteran writers definitely enjoyed the respite from my constant appeals for submissions! And the writers who recently joined us have used the time to get up to speed and prepare their first submissions. But now it’s time to get back to work!


The biggest news since our last editorial (early December), is that you will now notice an ISSN number in our banner page. The primary benefit of this is the legitimization of DargonZine as an internationally recognized periodical. Major thanks to “Grim” Jon Evans for singlehandedly making that happen.


The only other news is that DargonZine 8-2 will follow reasonably closely on the heels of this issue, and will include the first stories from the bumper crop of new writers who joined the project at the end of 1994. We have nearly 20 stories that are currently in the peer review process, so we should have plenty of reading material for you very shortly!


Thanks for your continuing interest, and keep spreading the word!


This issue features stories by two of our veteran writers. In contrast to his previous works (particularly his “Sons of Gateway” series), Jon Evans’ “Storm Dancer” is a light, humorous, well-written, and delightful story that introduces us to a new protagonist — a young man named Thedos. We’re all anxious to see followup stories.


“The Evening After” and “the Scent of Balsam” continue Bill Erdley’s exploration of Derrio, the deaf squire of Luthias Connall, the Knight Captain of the Northern Marches. As the Beinison army continues to pillage cities and countryside that once owed fealty to the kingdom of Baranur, the Baranurian troops begin to realize that war isn’t anything like the songs the bards once sung …

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