DargonZine 7, Issue 6

Dargonzine 7-6 Editorial


Perhaps at some point I will be able to use this space for witty personal observations or pointed editorial opinions on topics ranging from the Information Superhypeway to Order Rodentia. Unfortunately, there have been so many changes to announce that I’ve had neither time nor space to indulge my expository inclinations.


And this issue is no exception, for this editorial is dedicated (primarily) to the announcement that DargonZine now supports “notification subscriptions”. Users who select this subscription option will not receive complete issues by mail, but only a notice that the issue has been distributed. This is designed for those users who would rather fetch their issues from rec.mag.dargon or our FTP site rather than wake up to find a 100K mail file in their incoming mail queue.


This is useful to us, as well, because it allows us to keep a more accurate count of readers who obtain their issues through secondary channels in preference to direct subscriptions. If you regularly read DargonZine via rec.mag.dargon or the FTP site, we’d like to add you to this “notify list”, so that we have a better idea of how many people read DargonZine on a regular basis.


If you are interested in changing your subscription to a “notification subscription”, please drop mail so stating to <dargon@wonky.jjm.com>, and you’ll be switched over.


In other news, we’re in the process of infiltrating the Delphi online service. In the near future (it’s still under construction!), Delphi users will be able to find the FAQ and recent issues in the Fanzines database of the Science Fiction & Fantasy SIG. The Internet archive site for DargonZine is available on the Internet Gopher menu in the SF&F SIG. Look under the Fantasy Sites, Newsgroups and Homepages selection. The Dargon Project newsgroup is also on the Usenet Reader menu in the SF&F SIG.


Thanks to Gordie Meyer for helping us get set up over there.


The final bit of news is that during the month of January, we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of FSFnet, DargonZine’s predecessor. We’ll be distributing a huge two-issue compilation of the Best of the Dargon Project, reprinting some of the stories that we are most proud to have brought you during the past decade.


Special hardcopy versions are also being planned. They will contain artwork and other material not available in the electronic versions. Information on availability will be forthcoming.


This issue features two stories that depict some of Dargon’s less savory characters. Max is back with “Rifts”, which continues his exploration of Dargon’s underworld and the city guards who combat it. And we have “Endgame”, which marks the first story by Rogers Cadenhead. Actually, Rogers first joined the project back in 1987! He fled after a short stint, but has (against his better wisdom, perhaps) returned. And now he’s finally breaking into the pages of DargonZine. Let’s hope that it won’t take another eight years for him to print his next story (which should be a beaut’, judging by the synopsis we’ve seen).



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