DargonZine 30, Issue 2

Dargonzine 30-2 Editorial

Well, it’s that time of year again – we just had our (sort of) annual Summit, which means I generally come back and write an editorial about the Summit. It’s easy, because I’ve got material ready at hand to discuss. The downfall is, it’s almost always the same: “I loved Summit, it was so great, it was awesome seeing everyone again and I got writing done!” Well … it’s true. I do love Summit. The Dargon authors are a relatively close family that only gets to see each other once a year, and despite the fact that there is often disagreement (and, like any family, there have been actual fights in the past), like any family we have also grown together, and matured together.


This year’s Summit was in Cleveland, hosted by no less than one of Dargon’s oldest running authors, Jim Owens. When I first thought of a Summit in Cleveland, I have to tell you … I wasn’t immediately sold on the idea. But Jim did an excellent job of showing us that there are many things about Cleveland that are quite excellent. He started it out right, for me, by bringing us to Great Lakes Brewery. And we saw the Glass Bubble Project, and (perhaps most impressively to me) the rather excellent Cleveland Museum of Art. But really, it was about the family. Even our “dad” (Ornoth, founder of FSFNet and long-time editor of both ‘zines) showed up for a day and a half, which was excellent. Finally, one of my primary goals whenever I go to Summit is to write, and this year was more productive than most: I personally got over 3000 words done for the weekend, and Liam, Jim, and Dafydd were hitting the keyboards as well. So! Cleveland! Turns out, good choice.


Now on to other good choices, namely, the stories we have for you in this issue. Our two authors (well, three, actually, in two stories) are Joe Carney (with Victor Cardoso) and the aforementioned Jim Owens. Joe’s story is actually something Victor wrote a while back, but never made to publication due to needing finishing. Well, Joe finished it, and we are now able to bring you Amordante Prima. Jim’s story is A View From Above: The Island, the next story in the shipwrecked adventures of a young Simon Salamagundi.


As ever … enjoy!



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