DargonZine 27, Issue 3

Dargonzine 27-3 Editorial

Last issue, I was racing to get my Editorial in before Liam yelled at me. This issue, I’m two weeks behind the calendar, but he somehow has been nice enough not to ding me too much. Must be under a bit of pressure himself.
The big news around the country, and much of the world, recently has been about the reemergence of Ebola, particularly here in the United States of America. The rage of conservatives and liberals are, as usual, diametrically opposed, with medical aid movements clashing against united fronts of immigration law and medical emergency preparedness. Some people are proposing vast amounts of aid to assist the ill, set up clinics, let the sick come in and get the “best treatment in the west” (this is an arguable point). Others are demanding we close the borders and keep “all those foreigners” out of our country. It’s amazing how politicians and pundits can take opposite stands — possibly not even believing in them — just to spin up the public and try to get votes on their side. And with the impending November coming our way, “they” are certainly interested in jumping on any opportunity they have to get their names in the paper and sympathize with “the people” — ie, you and I. So, let me take this opportunity to state that I both support medical aid to the ill, and want to protect the American citizens from the potential infections brought in by foreign immigrants. In short, I’m nominating myself for the next President of the United States of America …
Before you write my name in, however, let me introduce you to the two stories we are presenting this issue. The first is a new piece by the previously-lauded Liam Donahue, “The Path to Power.” In this story, a long-time villain somehow becomes the hero (sort of) in a personal quest to revenge himself upon those who have forced his expatriation from Dargon. The second story comes from the fiendish mind of our most prolific author, Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, with his series, “Ol Tamboch Narhin.” In Thread 7, Qawm questions his role in the Beinison military, and must confront his own beliefs.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. -Jon

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