DargonZine 25, Issue 4

Dargonzine 25-4 Editorial

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Editorial …

If you read the Editorial last issue, you’d know that the Dargon Project was contacted by the Ethan Ellenberg agency, and that we (or at least, I) were very proud to have been contacted by them. I still am. Now, another interesting thing has happened in the two months since then: a writer named Guy Kawasaki has published a book called APE, and I was one of the folks who ended up providing editorial feedback on the piece. APE is an acronym for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and it is Guy’s (and his co-author, Shawn Welch) perspective on what it takes to be successful in the self-published world. We don’t advertise, here at Dargon — in fact, we have a long-standing tradition of NOT advertising — but I don’t mind putting in a plug for what really is a very useful tome of knowledge on self-publication. I’m even bringing it into discussions with my own team, in the near future, and wondering how we might take advantage of it’s insights to better benefit The Dargon Project.

If you are wondering where your copy of Dargonzine 25-3 went, we did encounter some technical difficulties with the last issue. The emails went out, but may not have reached every subscriber. If you missed it, please go to dargonzine.org to catch up, or email dargon@dargonzine.org and we’ll send you a copy.

Now on to our regularly scheduled show …

This issue, we have two stories from two of our newest authors, Joe Carney and Keith English. This will be Joe’s third story over five issues, making him one of our most regular authors of late. This issue, he’s bringing us the second installment of Five Days in Winter. Keith English is gracing our zine, however, for the first time! Picking up on the resurgence of crime in Dargon, he brings us And Two Steps Back, a story of how newly-promoted Captain Kalen Darklen takes his first steps as the commander of all of Dargon’s civil law enforcement.

As ever, enjoy the issue. And spread the word!




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