DargonZine 13, Issue 11

Dargonzine 13-11 Editorial


I made some promises in recent Editorials. I promised an issue with five new stories by six different writers. I also promised to balance out our recent preponderance of multi-part serials with more single-part short stories. Well, it’s time for me to deliver, and this issue should do the trick. It’s filled with a diverse collection of short fiction from a number of writers. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s what you have to look forward to …


The first story is the conclusion of Mark Murray’s ongoing “Magestorm” serial. Having reached a surprising climax in the previous issue, this chapter concludes the series from a different point of view. However, this won’t be the end of the storyline, as Mark has further plans taking form even now.


Mark also teamed up with fellow writer Rena Deutsch on “Beloved”, a poignant story told in one of Dargon’s sketchier taverns.


That story is followed by the second co-authored piece in this issue, “A Fine Blade”. This story was partially complete when original author Mike Adams left the project due to lack of time. However, collaboration doesn’t necessarily have to occur at the same time, and the story was picked up and finished (with Mike’s blessing) by contemporary Dargon writer Victor Cardoso.


The only other serial in this issue is the first part of Dafydd’s “Talisman Seven”, which begins a new thread in his very lengthy “Talisman” saga. After twenty-four chapters you may be wondering if this series will ever conclude; I can tell you that Dafydd has an outline of the remaining chapters, and there is an end in sight. Still, it’s great writing, and if you haven’t read the previous episodes, I can heartily encourage following its thread through our back issues. The storyline began two years ago in DargonZine 12-1.


And the issue wraps up with our second piece from Rhonda Gomez, the haunting “No Pity to Spare”.


This issue exemplifies what DargonZine is all about: bringing new writers together, and presenting their stories to you. I hope you enjoy the artistic work they have freely shared with you through the medium of this magazine.


So having fulfilled all my promises, I suppose it’s time to make some new ones! Our next issue, DargonZine 13-12, will follow very closely on the heels of this one and will feature our third new writer of the year and the return of a writer who had dropped out of sight for a while. And if everything works out according to plan, we should have the unexpected pleasure of a thirteenth issue before the end of the year. I’ll keep working on that, but for now you should just enjoy the great stories we have for you in this issue.

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