DargonZine 12, Issue 5

Dargonzine 12-5 Editorial


Since our last issue hit the streets a mere three weeks ago, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news to share, so I’ll be mercifully brief.


The first thing to remind you of is the vote which is currently going on about whether or not to continue sending out advance notices to email subscribers a week before we send out full issues. Current results appear to indicate that people really don’t seem to mind those advance notices. However, we’ll keep the voting application active until the end of May. You can find more details about the vote in the Editorial for DargonZine 12-4, and you cast your vote or check the current results at the URL <http://www.dargonzine.org/ping_vote.shtml>. We’ll announce the final results in our next issue, DargonZine 12-6.


Speaking of 12-6, there are two things I need to mention about that issue. The first item is that we are currently planning to distribute that issue the weekend of June 20th, six weeks from now. The reason for the long delay between issues is our annual DargonZine Writers’ Summit, which will be taking place during that time. We’ll have a full debrief for you when we get back!


And that issue will be worth waiting for, because it will contain the final two climactic chapters in Dafydd’s seven-part “Talisman Zero” storyline. The editorial will also highlight Dafydd and his Talisman saga, which after seven chapters is, believe it or not, only just beginning!


But for now, we have Part 5 of “Talisman Zero”, and the conclusion of Max’s two-part “On the Prowl”. Enjoy!

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