DargonZine 10, Issue 7

Dargonzine 10-7 Editorial


Humankind has always had an insatiable curiosity about the world we live in. Both individually and collectively, we are passionate about learning and seeking out new knowledge. There is something about the unknown which challenges us, invoking some primal urge that drives us to seek out and transform that which is unknown into that which is known. In every field of endeavor, from medicine to linguistics to the arts, there are those who chase the mysteries of life, and in doing so blaze a trail of understanding for those who follow.


But there have always been questions which man has been unable to answer. We have never had a demonstrably genuine understanding of the nature of life, intelligence, and death. Faced with the unanswerable, man has often relied upon myth to explain that which we cannot. Myths serve to transform those unanswerable questions into something the average person can accept and deal with.


Death is perhaps the most elusive mystery of all. Since time immemorial, mankind has sought knowledge and confirmation of existence beyond death. For centuries, we have had to rely on superstition, faith, and rationalization to explain what happens when the body ceases to function and what follows. Even today, many of us accept that there is something beyond our world of life, even though that world has persistently remained beyond our ability to observe.


In Dargon, as on Earth, men and women ask these same questions. and do what they can to explain what they do not understand. Like their Earthly counterparts, their nature drives them to seek out what might lie on the other side of the borderline of death.


But in Dargon, this is the Night of Souls; before you go seeking out that which exists beyond death, don’t be so sure that there isn’t something that exists beyond the veil of death which is even now seeking *you* out!

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