DargonZine 7, Issue 3

Dafydd’s Amber Glow – Dargonzine 7-3

Well, I don’t write editorials very often any more but this is a special occaison – this is the last issue of DargonZine I will be Editor for.


The electronic magazine will continue, though, once again under the capable guidance of its creator, Ornoth Liscomb, whom you may have noticed has returned to the project. The Dargon Project has always been his, even when he wasn’t here – I was only ever a caretaker. Now that he has returned, and that he has time and energy to devote to it, we (all of the authors and myself) are turning control back to him..


There may be some changes in the look of the ‘zine, and with any luck it should come out a little more often, if not any more regularly. But the basic element of the ‘zine – the stories – won’t change much save to get better, perhaps, with Orny’s input once again available to us all..


Orny will, I’m sure, have much to say in the next issue to come out. Its been a fun 6 years, and I’m glad that DargonZine is still around for me to pass back to him. Enjoy, everyone!

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