DargonZine 3, Issue 6

Dafydd’s Amber Glow Dargonzine 3-6

This editorial will be brief. I just wanted to make you all aware that there is (finally!) a source for back issues of DargonZine other than myself. I had wanted to test out the access method before telling you all about it, and just received the results of that test today. In the interest of getting an issue out (it has been over a month, after all), I decided not to put a lengthy description about this here – look for a longer DAG next issue (out next Friday, if everything goes well) which will describe everything you need to know about this archive service (or at least as much as I know). If you are really anxious to know, you can send me a mail message at either the above address or the one in the copyright notice at the end (they are equivalent in every respect) about it and I will send you the updated DargonZine Info file which has this information in it.


Thanks for waiting and Enjoy!

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr


P.S. Wish me happy birthday – I break three decades on Sunday!

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