DargonZine 2, Issue 5

Dafydd’s Amber Glow Dargonzine 2-5

Today’s editorial is to let all of you readers know that DargonZine is not alone. Two other magazines of Science Fiction/Fantasy have recently come to my attention – Quanta and Athene. In a spirit of cooperation, we three editors have gotten together in the hopes of increasing the readership of each others’ ‘zines. Please note: we three are in no way in competition. All three magazines are free, and all three of us would be happy if each and every one of our readers received a copy of all the magazines currently available. See the end of this issue (and future issues) for more information about both Quanta and Athene.


On a related note, if any of you readers know of other electronic magazines about SF/Fantasy, either Fiction or Fact ‘Zines, please let me know about them, and perhaps let the editor (if you know him/her) know about DargonZine. I would love to have more reading material available to me and I’m sure that most of our readers would too.


Thank you,


Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, Editor DargonZine

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