DargonZine 2, Issue 1

Dafydd’s Amber Glow Dargonzine 2-1

This will be brief, as this issue is going to be very long. First, please don’t be alarmed by the fact that this is Volume 2: yes, there was only one issue in Volume 1. I have decided to make each volume cover a Calendar year and, as Volume 1 went out in 1988 and it is now 1989, this issue must be in the second volume.


Second, I would like to announce that Rich Jervis (voyager@irishmvs.bitnet) is handling orders for the DargonZine tshirt. He needs a few more promissory orders before he can get an estimate from the printer.


The shirt will bear a design based on the the DargonZine logo in either silver on blue or black on blue. Current estimates for price are around eight dollars but a large response to this will cut the price accordingly. Please contact Rich for more information. No profits are expected as he will no doubt go in the hole from shipping costs.


Lastly, the next issue of Volume 2 will be out within the month – I have enough stories right now to make this issue about three times the size it is, so you won’t have to wait almost 5 months before reading more about Dargon.


Thank you and good reading,


Dafydd, Editor DargonZine

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