Author Biography

Ornoth Liscomb

Hi, I'm Ornoth! I founded and ran FSFnet (DargonZine's predecessor and one of the first electronic magazines on the Internet) and the Dargon Project from 1984 through 1988, when Dafydd took over. In 1994 I returned to re-assume editorial responsibilities, and stepped down again in 2006. One thing the DargonZine writers will tell you is that I'm very opinionated about writing. I urge aspiring writers to approach fantasy fiction from the standpoint of literary merit, and to emphasize vivid imagery and establishing an emotional connection between their characters and their readers. To me, a story is a way for a writer to make the readerĀ feel something. But enough of the soapbox. Now you can see why first rule that new Dargon Project writers were told was: "That's Orny! Don't encourage him!" Ever since FSFnet was founded, one snowy night way back in December of 1984, I have taken a great deal of pride in the magazine and the vibrant and nurturing writers' community we've built. I hope you enjoy the results!  
147 stories have been written by Ornoth Liscomb