Story Reference

Timeline for the Eras ID-FE

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Fall, 748 FETorenda's Troupe and Zarilt's Way are introduced.Talisman Three 1
Fall, 748 FETorenda's Troupe is diverted from their course, and Zarilt's school learns it is about to be invaded.Talisman Three 2
Fall, 748 FEThe troupe learns of Zarilt's plight, and the power of the Treasury is demonstrated.Talisman Three 3
Fall, 748 FETorenda's Troupe find a way to thwart Warlord Adamik's plans.Talisman Three 4
Late Spring, G331Two sisters acquire a strange stone which leads them into a mystery.Talisman Two 1
Spring, 2347 IDBralidan finds a copy of a treaty which reveals that something is wrong in Grahk.Talisman One 1
Spring, 2347 IDThe Siizhayip send a delegation to Grahk to try and gain more land for their people.Talisman One 2
Spring, 2347 IDSecrets are revealed as Kendra confronts Bralevant about the treaty, and receives an ultimatum in return.Talisman One 3
Spring, 2347 IDThe question of the Treaty of Rihelbak is decided.Talisman One 4
Midsummer, G331The sisters carry out Melajoof's instructions, and receive their reward.Talisman Two 2
Spring Equinox, 2217 IDThe Talisman is completed, the krovelathan ceremony is begun, but all is not as it was supposed to be.Talisman Zero 7
Early Winter, 2216 IDOrlebb attempts to win the trust of Kendil, Eldinan and Nikkeus by giving them personal gifts.Talisman Zero 5
Winter, 2216 IDOrlebb conceives a plan; the Talisman finally takes form and nears completion.Talisman Zero 6
Late Fall, 2216 IDThe trio of Kendil, Eldinan, and Nikkeus arrive at Wudamund, meet Orlebb, and decide to create the Talisman.Talisman Zero 4
Mid-fall, 2216 IDThree people aboard a ship bound for Cherisk find romance in the increasingly dangerous declining days of the Fretheod Empire.Talisman Zero 1
Mid-fall, 2216 IDNikkeus, Kendil and Eldinan become a threesome.Talisman Zero 2
Mid-fall, 2216 IDKendil, Nikkeus, and Eldinan find their new relationship tested.Talisman Zero 3