Story Reference

Timeline for the Years 1019 and Beyond

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Mertz 2 1020A stranger in town trolls a quiet tavern in search of love.Love As Bitter As Honey
Vibril 30, 1020A woman venturing into Dargon is warned by a stranger of the many dangers that await her there.A Slight Danger
Nober 30, 1019 - Deber 1, 1020Port of Call - Dargon
Sy 7-8, 1019Aerimon falls deeper into Jayko's plan while Kalen quickly loses the final vestige of control he had over the situation. Death Blooms Part 3 3
Sy 5-7, 1019The hunt for Jayko, the murderer and cult leader, continues. Aerimon can't help but becoming more involved and Kalen's sense of security is shaken further. Death Blooms Part 2 2
Sy 2 1019Aerimon Clyde finally begins to settle down in Dargon as the lead instructor of the Town Guard. Jayko Faas, a murderer and torturer, is arrested but everything that transpires afterward is according to his plan.Death Blooms Part 1 1
Yuli 20 1019Aging Shadow Boy Jem wants more from his life and thinks he knows how to get it, but in Dargon getting what you want does not come easily as Jem and his friends find out.Shadows of Dargon
Yuli 20 1019Town Guardsman Padron flees from one danger only to face another.Fleeing Fears
Yuli 14, 1019When the status quo becomes too stale, Auberg attempts a risky venture.A Woman, Waiting
Yuli 3, 1019A young boy is taken by an apparently dead man.Cursed 1 1
NoneIlona commandeers the Victory Chimes to sail across the Valenfaer in search of a boy reportedly taken by a dead man. Along with them are the Rattler, his crew, and the ominous fear that maybe the dead can rise.Cursed 2 2
Yule 14 1019The Lady Dargon visits a local merchant to make an unusual purchase.Amordante Prima
Yule 2 1019Aerimon survives his poisoning to return to his business as a self defense instructor, but thoughts of vengeance fill his being. Then, his home and business is attacked again. This time, Aerimon will not stand idle and let the Town Guard do their work.Sowing Seeds Part 2 2
Yule 2 1019Aerimon secretly investigates the attacks against him.Sowing Seeds Part 3 3
Naia 28 1019Ashe Leavenfell meets Tanner when a stay at a tavern becomes a life changing adventure.King's Key Part 1 1
Firil 15 1019When an illegal drug makes its return within Dargon, Kalen Darklen must discover the root of this problem and destroy it. However the enemy seems to have an advantage over Kalen and seems to discover his moves before they are even made.And Two Steps Back
Firil 14 1019Aerimon comes to Dargon to start a new life as a teacher of the martial arts. His unique system spreads quickly and becomes popular. Just as things begin to take off, he is contacted by a gang that demands he pay them for protection. He refuses and a battSowing Seeds Part 1 1
Firil 14 1019A story of gold and grog. Three shipmates make plans to recover sunken treasure. But in Dargon, nothing ever goes the way you plan it.Drunken Treasure
Mertz 28 1019Nestor of the Rhydd Pobl and Ashe Leavenfell, with the aid of Kite Taldaor, investigate a series of tragic attacks in Leavenfell.Five Days in Winter Part 2 2
Mertz 25 1019During five days of winter a series of tragic attacks take place in several villages located in the barony of Leavenfell.Five Days in Winter - Part 1 1
Mertz 16-18, 1019Kiev and Vable tussle after Kiev's escape. They have another showdown on the cusp of the Doravin insurgency.Hubris
Mertz 15, 1019Kiev is being taken back by the Esoterics to be hanged.Hogtied
Vibril 20, 1019A thief uses a legenary crime lord's name to start a new business of extortion and arson.The Lie
Vibril 19-20, 1019Accompanied by Celia and Cael, Gilvelle Marser searches for answers to the mystery of the Doravin and ends up in a difficult situation. Between Mallet and Slab
Vibril 9 1019Gilvelle Marser and Town Guards Celia and Cael attempt to recover the glowing stone that was stolen from the camp of the Doravin.Seeking The Stone
Vibril 5, 1019After a magically induced altercation, the Esoterics are sent after the fugitive Kiev.Levy
Vibril 4 1019After facing financial ruin, Tyrus Vage faces a difficult journey as he seeks to restore his place in the word.The Path to Power
Janis 23 1019Justin Archer and Bren kel Tomis return to Raven's View to investigate the beasts that slaughtered his former troop.Justin Time
Deber 4-25, 1019A patrol of the Duke's Guard encounter mysterious creaturesDamned Magic
Deber 1019 - Naia 1020Anarr fulfills his promise to Simona. Anna and Nai learn what happened to Simona and Kal.Journey's End 5