Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1018

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Nober 12, 1018 - Deber 1, 1019Sian's adopted children begin to go their own way. Tom proposes to Sian much to the dismay of his motherChanges
Ober 14-17, 1018A partrol from Dargon investigates the disappearance of a caravan.The Far Patrol
Ober 12 1018Gilvelle Marser struggles with his role in rebuilding the causeway. Tensions with the Doravin result in conflict.The Life and Death of Gillem Stonecutter
Ober 7, 1018A sailor's adventures while on shore leave in Dargon.Redale's Shore Leave
Ober 7 1018Jacer and Ratche spend an evening at Maxim's that ends in violence.For A Slice of Apple Pie
Ober 7 1018Duke Clifton weighs the politics of his demesne against his personal desire to relax.Harvest Ale
Ober 6 1018Kryna becomes involved in the plans of Davris and Barin, who come to Dargon intending to sell some goods acquired under questionable circumstances, and carrying a secret.The Killing Time
NoneLife is full of opportunity for Nessis Romen, although mostly opportunity for mischief and misadventure. When an opportunity for something better appears, however, Nessis pursues it.Nessis Romen Gets a Date
Ober 4, 1018The hunt for a suspected murderer continues and the true nature of a bard's songs are revealed.Jakob Sings of Monstrous Things 2
2 Ober, 1018A group of men from Kenna are pursuing a suspected murderer through the Darst range.Jakob Sings of Monstrous Things 1
Ober 2 1018When the merchant ship Sorilyar comes to Dargon, Percantlin becomes entwined in a family murder mystery.Insecurities
Ober 1018Jacer and Ratch devise a scheme to get the city of Dargon to build them a home.Jacer and Ratches Grand Plan
Seber 30, 1018An older shadow boy who has had his fear removed seeks a new future ny asking the maze Cefn An 'derin for counseling.A New Future
Seber 27, 1018A sailor uses a magical spell to assist a friend at risk of her own life.The Sea Hag's Daughter
25 Seber - 3 Ober, 1018Dargon's Master Architect tries to work with a strange new race of people to restore Dargon's damaged causewayShattered Dreams
Seber 22 1018Caeris and Yloth, fellow mages, go to investigate rumors of monsters on the behest of Alrik Vidor, the new High Mage.What Cannot Be Tempered
Seber 21, 1018Nilson, on an errand for his father, is robbed.Undercurrents
Seber 17-18, 1018Murlak gets involved in something that forces him to come to a decision about his life.Twist
Seber 17, 1018A mysterious crate leads to a haunted loading house.Sea-Eyes
Seber 17 1018Adel, a member of Lady Dargon's coven, has a chance encounter with a young weaponsmith.To Cleave the Stone
Seber 14, 1018Cefn An'derin hears a message from his own past about the sacrifices and responabilities power brings.Facing Fears
Seber 12-16, 1018Ancient magic is making shadow boys fearless - why?Fears
Seber 1, 1018A stroll around one of Dargon's marketplacesWalking the Venilek
Seber 1, 1018A petty thief finds that the true nature of his latest acquisition eludes him.Stolen Thunder
Seber 1, 1018Belisandra reflects on an opportunity for romance in the aftermath of the Causeway accident.Let Me Help
Seber 1, 1018Orphaned Kathara depends on the good will of her aunt and uncle. Her friend Nilson tries to ease her burden.Uprooted
Seber 1, 1018Cael makes his first patrol as a Dargon Town GuardThe Stone Man
Seber 1, 1018The owner of a chandlery takes one last leisurely walk through Dargon before leaving town forever.The Farewell Tour
Sy 30 - Seber 1, 1018Sue-Linn Michiya travels to Dargon with important news.News of Import
Sy 20-Seber 7, 1018Kal returns to his hometown.Journey's End 4
Sy 15-17, 1018Parris Dargon and Anarr pursue Simona, Kal, and the cursed statue of Gow on the Valenfaer OceanHave You Ever Been to Northern Hope? 3
Sy 12, 1018Disaster strikes while chief architect of Dargon, Gilvelle Marser, is overseeing repairs to winter damage on the Causeway in Dargon.Echoes off the Stone
Sy 12, 1018Sian Allyn sends her ophans on an errand and searches for Briam when the causeway collapses.Out of the Rubble 1
Sy 12, 1018The boys attempt to bring their mission to a successful conclusion.The Darningfly Caper 3
12 Sy 1018Edmond delivers the cursed statue of Gow to Parris Dargon.Idol Hands 3
Sy 12-14, 1018Against the background of disasters caused by the Black Idol, Parris Dargon continues his plot to wrest the duchy of Dargon from his cousin CliftonHave You Ever Been to Northern Hope? 2
Sy 12, 1018Tom Madden continues to search for Briam, meanwhile Joliana works to heal the wounded, and her own wounded soul.Out of the Rubble 2
Sy 12-26, 1018Joliana works to help mend Briam, but will her addiction to ardon effect her ability to heal?Out of the Rubble 3
Sy 12-14, 1018Awakened by the cursed statue of Gow, the Margre Chalisento plots to escape her prison and destroy DargonThe Margre Arisen
Sy 12-17, 1018Simona and Kal discover that a curse is causing havoc in Dargon and decide to take matters in their own hands.Journey's End 3
Sy 12-14, 1018Percantlin tries to solve a mystery amid the chaos following the causeway accident in DargonDancing
Sy 6-14, 1018Anarr experiences strange visions on the way to Dargon.Eggs for Breakfast
Sy 4 - 12, 1018Darrow and Murlak take their stolen goods down the Coldwell to Dargon.The Darningfly Caper 2
2-5 Sy 1018Anarr the Magus leads Simona, Kal, Edmond, and the Black Idol through the Darst Range to Kenna, continuing their trip to Dargon.Idol Hands 2
29 Yuli, 1018Edmond, a denizen of Northern Hope, attempts to re-build his life by taking a job as a hired guard.Idol Hands 1
Yuli 28-Sy 12, 1018Simona travels to Dargon in the company of Anarr, who tries to lift her family curse.Journey's End 2
Yuli 26-30 1018Anarr neutralizes the cursed statue and returns victoriously to Northern Hope with it.Liberated Hope 2
Yuli 25-29, 1018Dourg remembers his pastLost Opportunity, The 2
Yuli 24-26 1018Anarr arrives in Northern Hope and seeks the source of the cursed town's ill luck.Liberated Hope 1
Yuli 24-Sy 4, 1018Darrow and Murlak get a very important task from the merchant SferinaThe Darningfly Caper 1
Yuli 23, 1018Ashe Leavenfell seeks help from a wizard to regain his stolen baronyA Father's Gift
Yuli 10, 1018Rayce Barring attempts to find a cure for his persistent hiccoughsA Cure for Hiccoughs
5th Yuli, 1018The skewed story of Jasper, a tribal outcast, a piper of power, and a student at the College of BardsDance of the Dead
Yuli 1, 1018Allara brings a thief to justice and makes an enemy.Hidden Talents 2
Yuli 1-27, 1018Simona and Kal set out to find a cure for the curse on Simona's family.Journey's End 1
Yule 30, 1018Sandia is brought to DuVania's home and argued aboutKnight of Castigale 3
Yule 29, 1018Sir Maligard DuVania rescues a young child who was orphaned from during the battle of Aerberry and returns to Castigale Keep, where he makes he entreats his captain to allow him to hunt the marauders who killed his squire.Knight of Castigale 2
Yule 28, 1018Sir Maligard DuVania, a Knight of Castigale, receives word of the death of Baron Castigale's daughter and, on route to the capital, waylays mysterious marauders ravaging the land.Knight of Castigale 1
Yule 24, 1018Allara helps solve a puzzle that leads to the return of stolen property.Hidden Talents 1
Yule 22-24, 1018Parris Dargon, ambitious cousin of Duke Clifton Dargon, comes to the city of Dargon with a plan to unseat his cousin Clifton and claim the duchy for himself.Have You Ever Been to Northern Hope? 1
Yule 20-Yuli, 1018Dourgam Finn, a refugee of Pyridain living in Northern Hope, is facing fatherhood as a failed trader who has nearly spent his inheritance. Disheartened by the curse, he seeks one last opportunity to find fortune.Lost Opportunity, The 1
Yule 10, 1018In which Stilton makes cherryseyeCherryseye
Yule 10, 1018A young woman faces her greatest fear as she prepares for the final initiation into the Ol priesthood.Touching Ol
Yule 9, 1018Sian muses about the children while she takes them out to collect berries. The children find an unusual creature.Are There Dragons?
Yule 3, 1018Kiev, a battle mage, reluctantly revisits his home of Dargon with dramatic results.You Can't Go Home Again
Melrin 5, 1018Lilike finds it difficult to cure the ailment of her friend, Cereid.Tough Healing
Melrin 3-4, 1018A light tale of love, lust, hate, and revenge, set during the yearly Melrin festival.The Ballad of the Potter and the Horse Thief
Naia 16, 1018A sailor with a strange gift is confronted with her own feelings of isolation when she meets a man with a similar talent.Shore Leave
Naia 12, 1018Two healers learn how to cope with the emotional turmoil of their calling when their young friend Kerith becomes gravely ill.Sweet Healing
Firil 15 - Naia 20, 1018The story about Delexand, a prostitute at the Lucky Lady. He finds that life doesn't always go the right way, friends aren't always who they seem to be, and that things can work out if people believe. This is part one of his journey.The Game 1
Firil 15 - Naia 20,1018The involvement between Delexand and Jande goes from business to murder.The Game 2
Firil 15 - Naia 20,1018The story continues and Delex's hopes for freedom spiral downward.The Game 3
Firil 15 - Naia 20,1018Nusa Abarris investigates Delexand for murderThe Game 4
Firil 10, 1018In which Sergeant Cepero discovers who killed BurianMalice 4
Firil 10, 1018A man's love is tested by the shadow of a god, to determine if he is fit to live.For the Love of Amante
Firil 8, 1018In which Einar resigns himself to Burian's death and in which Ruarc breaks his legMalice 3
Firil 5, 1018In which a brother diesMalice 2
Firil 1, 1018In which Ludovic is introducedMalice 1
Firil 1, 1018In which Curran Castigale takes action to secure his inheritance.Heir to Castigale 2
Mertz 30, 1018A young man and two women experience a convergence of their pasts that forever changes their livesTriskele: Coda
Mertz 25, 1018In which enmity is born between Castigale Barony and the neighboring Gribbane Barony.Heir to Castigale 1
Mertz 5-Yule, 1018A forward thinking stonemason feels constrained by the strictures of his guild, but does he know as much as he thinks he does?For Want of a Nail...
Vibril 21, 1018Two women care for a wounded man who becomes a part of their life.Triskele: Lorelei
Vibril 20, 1018A young man reaches a fork in life and is forcibly tossed in the deep end ...Triskele: Genesis
Vibril 16, 1018Nila, an immigrant to Dargon from Farevlin, faces her past.Chains of Freedom
Janis 17, 1018G'veldi tells a tale to local Dargon children to help them sleep.Baern and the Magic Ball
Deber 13, 1018Willis Rithius leaves Dargon and returns home to his family in Pyridain. What he finds is not what he expects..Surfacing 2