Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1017

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Ober, 1017Raphael and Megan are reunited. Megan sees her long lost twin sister for the first time, only to be parted from her again.Spirit's Journey Home
Ober 1017Raphael, Lylle, Merrif and Niatha are joined by Anam. The group's quest nears its end.Magestorm 4
Ober, 1017The climax of the series as two Fretheod mages are freed from their prison and battle with the Eelail followsMagestorm 5
Seber 17, 1017With the help of some unlikely (and unknowing) friends, Clifton Dargon realizes that his life did not end with the loss of his arm.A Fine Blade
Seber 10-17, 1017Sian and her orphans collect flingers for Rebecca's fortune telling at the blessing of the fleet festival. Rebecca has a vison and fate takes its courseFlingers
Seber 1017Durvin Karrick returns to Dargon to take revenge on his former wife, Della, by conning her with the help of his partner, Storn Mard.A Tale of Two Thieves 1
Seber 1017In this conclusion, Storn Mard and Durvin Karrick's plans go awry and the surprise result affects their thieving ways.A Tale of Two Thieves 2
Seber 1017The newly appointed senior apprentice to Dargon's "garbage man," the Death Rattler, tries to come to grips with his new responsibilities and the strange behavior of a new apprentice.Rattler's Imp
Seber, 1017A caravan bearing Duke Dargon's annual tribute to the capital (Magnus) and an obscure religious text is attacked by mysterious creatures.Death Has a Pale Face
Seber, 1017Morgan learns that spiritual strength can lead men through adversity as well as physical strength can.Death Has a Pale Face 2
Sy 22, 1017Tanner, Darrow, and Murlak are forced to make difficult choices when a new Shadow King is chosenTaking Root
Sy 4, 1017A series of fires occur and Lieutenant Milnor investigates; the answer is beyond anything she imagined.Sy Burns
Sy, 1017Willis Rithius, running from his family and past life, finds himself near death and in the nursing hands of an Innkeeper and his daughter.Surfacing
Sy-Ober 1017The quest to find the tower continuesMagestorm 3
Sy 1017A challenge is issued from within the Shadow Boys for a new Shadow King.What Price the King?
Sy 1017Simona receives information about her sister Megan.Secrets of the Spirit
Yuli 1, 1017 – Sy 15, 1020An evil wizard attempts to gain immortality by using dark magic. A group of Dargon’s finest gather together to oppose him.A Tale of Dark Endings
Yuli 1017The beginning of the quest to find Megan. Merrif and Niatha meet Raphael and Lylle at the marketplace.Magestorm 1
Yuli 1017Merrif and Niatha get to know Raphael and Lylle better. They find that they have a common goal in a mysterious tower and they prepare to travel there.Magestorm 2
Yule 25, 1017Simona, Kal, and Nai reach Dargon as the city prepares for an execution. Simona tells her companions a story from her time at the College of Bards.Second Chances
Yule 3, 1017While in a storeroom of magical items, Pudlong is made an interesting offer.Spirits
Melrin 1017Forced into an arranged marriage with a crippled stranger, Darienne Kort is determined to hate her future husband, Guston Daeton. But when he does something unexpected, Darienne finds herself in a greater turmoil.Julip Tree, The
Melrin 1017Oriel finds a new home, after some trials and tribulations.A Woman's Prayer
Melrin, 1017William's ownership of the Grand Players of Baranur doesn't result in the sudden wealth he imagined.William Zeneca's Bad Day
Naia 21, 1017An unknown person leaves "gifts" for Sian and causes her to wonder who it is. She catches the person in the act and is pleasantly surprised.In a Stew
Naia 1017A woman comes out of her depression because of her fear for her daughterA Woman's Fear
Naia 1017A woman determines to save her daughter at any cost, and she pays the highest cost of them all.A Woman's Determination
Janis 18 1017Carl Sandmond allows his imagination to get the better of him when listening to a stranger's tale, resulting in his suspecting a young woman customer of being the tale's subject.Once Upon a Winter's Night
Janis 12, 1017A song gives cause for concern at the Bardic College in Magnus.Jeela's Song
1017In search of her sister, Simona and her two friends (Nai and Kal) visit the Shattered SpearBeloved