Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1016

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Ober 28, 1016A hunter dreams of being 'in at the kill', but when a mysterious woman grants his wish, it is not as he expects, or desires.In at the Kill
Ober 12, 1016Tells of the tension between a man who is born to rule, and a girl who has the natural abilityBorn Leader
Ober, 1016A young woman struggles to make a life for herself and baby daughter after her husband has deserted her, and is forced to make difficult choices -- revising the values she was raised with.Price of Sin
Seber 20, 1016A youth's struggle to accept the constraints of family life after living on the streets.Lost and Found
Seber 14, 1016Andrew MacDonnel faces his feelings for Sandy, and her feelings for him.Last Night I Dreamed I Tried to Kiss You
Yuli 2 1016Simon tells Dale a new definition of adventure, and Dale begins to understand it.Love an Adventure 1
Yuli 2 1016Dale meets Erica at the quarry and has a great time, reinforcing Simon's definition of adventure, but causing Dale to question his father's conservatism.Love an Adventure 2
Yuli 1016The trials and tribulations of Beck Sephlin as he contemplates ending his long career at sea.Beck's Next
End of Melrin, 1016Jokal struggles at deciding who to help -- his father or his sister.A Tale of Two Families 2
First day of Melrin, 1016Jokal des Morest delivers an important message from his father to Mathias Rerre -- the husband of Jokal's sister, Leila. The message is not well received.A Tale of Two Families 1
Naia 17-18, 1016Ris and Gal Bochara confront a group of bandits plaguing their villageSpine
15 Naia, 1016A noblewoman confronts her past in a story about personal tragedy and the fate men and women choose to thrust upon themselves.Vows
Late Spring 1016Levy, Sarah, and their children travel south to see a magical beanstalk, which has sprouted in Pudlong's field.Pudlong and the Beanstalk 1
Late Spring 1016Having traveled south to see the giant beanstalk, Levy Barel, his family, and Bren tel Komis meet Pudlong and Thully. Mon-haddar and Yellow also arrive, and begin their own investigation of the beanstalk.Pudlong and the Beanstalk 2
Late Spring, 1016The Barels tag along as Lord Farley takes Pudlong around the country to use the magic bean. Adventures along the way reveal the essential character of many of in the party.Pudlong and the Beanstalk 3
Naia 1016A young woodsman travels to Dargon and learns a lesson about life.The Target that Eludes Me
Naia 1016The Foresters encounter an injured woman in the new land of Nulain.Beginning Morals
Firil 20, 1016A village smith from Mandraka struggles to redeem himself and his village after an accident with an iron furnace.Mixed Results
Firil 10, 1016Simon counsels Dralyn Kepson (a young member of the town guard) about free will, and in the process confronts the spectre of his own mortality.A Star To Steer By
Firil 8, 1016Paula, a stone-mason's apprentice masquerading as a boy in Dargon City is saved from a flogging by crew members of a ship currently in port. Having no place to stay in Dargon City, she reluctantly accepts a crew position on the ship.Paula's Star
Firil, 1016Ordelius Dobber was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the fates conspire to show him that what he fears is true: he must pay for his mistake with his own life.The Day Ordelius Dobber Died
Firil 7, 1016Raphael finds himself at the lowest point in his life and finds a friend to help him go on.The Fire that Binds
Firil 7th, 1016The weather in Dargon turns for the worse when Jason's father admits to casting a spell on him. When the clouds clear, it seems that he can influence the heavens too.A Spell of Rain 3
Firil 7-13, 1016This story questions some basic items in religion. It concerns the approach that Mefin and Doth take when the comet appears in the sky.When Things Get Woolly
7 Firil, 1016An acolyte's vision gives guidance to the leadership of the Creator's Pantheon in Dargon in a time of crisis.Visitation Rites
Firil 1016A city slicker learns that he isn't informed about the little things that simple country folk need to know in order to survive.'Bout 'Majin'
Firil 1016A young weather reader, ill prepared for the mortality of life, discovers that her link to the natural world has been broken.Cords that Bind
Firil 1016Megan is convinced by May to travel with one of her daughters to Hawksbridge to visit her parents. A blizzard hits the caravan and Megan is lost in the storm. She finds shelter in a cave, but the cave harbors other dangers.Winterstorm
Mertz 29, 1016Particularly clement weather leads Kilan to Jason, who is now apprenticed to a netmender in Dargon.A Spell of Rain 2
Mertz 12-Firil 7, 1016Iocasee's problem is resolved, but not as Percantlin had expected.For Bronna 2
Early Spring 1016Levy and Sarah Barel resolve a long-standing argument by deciding to move Levy's forge to Barel Village and to sell his horse.Thought and Feeling
Vibril, 1016Kenneth tells the tale of Old Man McCauley, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, to Andrew McDonnal, who claims to have grown out of the Night of Souls.On a Night Like This
Vibril 30, 1016A man tells the tale of a Night of Souls spent with a wizard."A Wizard in Vibril"
Vibril 17-Firil 7, 1016Iocasee commissions a portrait for his daughter's wedding, and meets a painter with an interesting problem.For Bronna 1
Janis 28, 1016An apprentice weatherweaver leaves home with the effects of a spell still working on him.A Spell of Rain 1
3-5 Deber 1016A young man ignores advise, gets caught in a blizzard, and learns something about himselfThe Snows of a New Year