Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1015

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

22 Nober 1015Tobias the carter does a good deed"A Sunny Day in Firil" 1
6-10 Ober 1015In the aftermath of his friend Toran's death, Bren kel Tomis is employed to escort a recalcitrant bride to Dargon. While teaching the girl about duty, Bren learns about his own duty.A Daughter's Duty
Ober, 1015Bren kel Tomis, disgraced herald, is hired as a bodyguard for Qanis Jetru, a trader with an unusual item for sale. The Eye of Amante, a large red jewel, is supposed to possess great powers.The Broken Staff 2
Ober 1015Bren kel Tomis recovers from his wound, and he, Toran kel Bain, and Qanis Jetru, proceed to deliver the Eye of Amante. In the debacle, Wern, Kultris, Clod, and Toran are all killed.The Broken Staff 3
Seber 30, 1015Simon Salamagundi relates a story to the shadow boys regarding the true value of gold.The Coin of Worth
Seber 15, 1015Rish Vogel is visted by a bodiless voice claiming to be the ghost of his real father.The Sanity of Spirit
Seber 14 1015Simon Salamagundi brings a measure of unity and trust to a beleagured, war-torn village.Stew A' La Gundi
Seber 2 1015The resolution of the problem of Trissa and Ulmer's dwarf childThe Dwarf 2
Seber-Ober 1015Bren kel Tomis, King's Herald, disgraces his office, and is exiled to DargonThe Broken Staff 1
Sy 20-21 1015Sala of Gorod is abducted by a hermit wizard. Her fiance Elton attempts to rescue her.End of the Line 2
Sy 17, 1015Sala of the village of Gorod is kidnapped. Elton the mason seeks her rescue and gains allies along the way,End of the Line 1
Sy 1015With the help of Megan, Raphael finds inner peace. And with the help of two strangers, he searches for Loth and an end to Megan's curse.Shattered Love 1
Sy 1015Raphael battles Loth on the docks of Dargon to break the curse on Megan, and sacrifices his body to save her life.Shattered Love 2
Yuli 4 1015A traveling show with a secret main attraction comes to the town of Bannon's LandingRuthless Revelry 1
Yuli 4-5 1015Christabel meets Trevin's parents, and tries to find a way to free the beast from the traveling show.Ruthless Revelry 2
Yuli 1015More of Raphael's past comes to light as memories of his childhood come unbidden to him.Friendships Bloody Tear 1
Yuli 1015An old mage lifts Megan's curse for a brief time. Advice and hope are given to Raphael by the mage.Friendships Bloody Tear 2
Yuli-Si 1015A confrontation between Raphael, Kell, and Loth occurs in Dargon Town. Raphael survives only to find that Megan is still cursed.Friendships Bloody Tear 3
Yule 1015Lylle tells inn patrons about Raphael and Megan entering Dargon Town.In the Company of Strangers
Yule 1015Raphael finds hope in the forest when he stumbles upon a wolf pup.A Wolf at the Door
Yule 1015Balor comes to Dargon and winds up running into an old friendIntentions 1
Yule 1015Balor's old friend undergoes an odd changeIntentions 2
Summer, 1015Lord Chronicler, Rish Vogel, searches Dargon Keep's sewers for a lost scroll, but instead of finding it he encounters oneof Dargon's more "eccentric" inhabitants.The Gong Farmer
Yule 1015The story of Nicodemus and Elizabeth and how they first meet.Mute's Song 1
Yule 1015Nico and Elizabeth meet and fall in love. With unexpected help, they defeat the men Gilliam sent after Elizabeth.Mute's Song 2
Naia 12 1015Bandits return to the Forgotten Inn.Night Three
Naia 11 1015A group of adventurers are hired to look for mercinaries.Night Two
Naia 10 1015An inn deep in the forest serves as a meeting point for adventurers.Night One
Naia 6, 1015Matthew and Ben manage to involve both Jerid Taishent and Adrunian Koren in their search for Tara's missing friend.Friendships of Stone 3
Naia 6, 1015Frustrations run high while Matthew, Ben, and Tara keep searching for the missing Sharin. Things take a turn for the worse when they find her.Friendships of Stone 4
Naia 6, 1015All friends come together to find and heal each otherFriendships of Stone 5
Naia 5 1015Matthew and Ben roam the marketplace and meet Sharin, a young sculptor, who agrees to make them a stone dragon.Friendships of Stone 1
Naia 5, 1015Tara meets Matthew and Ben while visiting her friend Sharin.Friendships of Stone 2
Naia 1015A Stevenic priest confronts his own faith when he goes to give religious comfort to a condemned criminal.A Turn of Faith
Naia 1015During the Baranur-Beinison War, Byrne, Sven, Pavo, Tristan and others journied off. Sven returns with a map that Nicholas Grueber translates and discovers that the only real treasure is love.Abandoned Treasures
Naia 1015Nessa -- a bitter, self pitying young woman -- learns forgiveness and finds the courage to live well through her interactions with Mal -- a condemened man -- while the two of them are in the dungeons of Crown Castle.No Pity to Spare
7-8 Firil 1015Kylana, a young storyteller in the Dargon market, is arrested and jailed for killing her father. She escapes after killing a guard.The Beast
Firil 1015Levy Barel considers putting others before himselfA Lighter Burden
Firil 1015Sarah and Levy struggle with the consequences of Levy's decision not to fight in the Baranur-Beinison War.In the Garden
Mertz 17 1015Andrew MacDonnel returns to his home town of Port Sevlyn after fighting the war. He finds that his previous home was not just a place, but the people who lived in it.Sailor's Homecoming
Mertz 9 1015Trissa and Ulmer's child isn't growing up right...the Dwarf 1
Mertz 1, 1015A band of musicians play at Keep Dargon, touching the lives of Captain Koren, Simon Salamagundi, and Finn.Devotion
Mertz-Sy 5 1015Three young apprentices getting a start on life in Comarr.Beginnings
Vibril 30, 1015An ordinarily reclusive neighbor comes calling at Rockway House on the Night of Souls.Feather on the Wind
Vibril 1015A story about Matthew, Ben, and an unforgettable night during the Night of Souls.Night's Touch
Vibril 30, 1015Two teens learn about the mythic nosuckle while unwisely out frolicking on the Night of Souls.Maiden Cloth
Janis 12, 1015Tanner and Darrow visit the scribe Genarvus Kazakian, who tells them the fable "Little Yorgai and the Beast of Leagues". It is a story about a little boy who goes to fight an enormous serpent that is terrorizing his homeland.Little Yorgai and the Beast of Leagues
1015Alsandair seeks justice for a murdered friendA Plague of Ghosts 1