Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1014

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

15 Ober 1014The story of one of the nameless faces who fought the battles, shed the blood, and had to live with the aftermath.Long Way Home, the
Late Seber 1014Derrio returns to Magnus to mourn RisaThe Scent of Balsam
Seber 13, 1014Braewen and Thedos register the ship, Storm Dancer.Storm Dancer II
Seber 11-12 1014A tale of a small town boy whose desire for independence results in breaking his father's trust.Storm Dancer
Seber 10 1014A vile young thief from Dargon kills a mage, and a curse sends him into the bodies of people about to be murdered.Endgame
Seber 3 1014Beinison deserters fleeing the war effortA Rogue's Gambit 1
Seber 1-10 1014Traveller to Dargon questions a local murder.Rifts
Sy 24-28 1014War's end -- recapture of Sharks' Cove.Last Stand
24 Sy, 1014Sir Edward tries to keep up morale while preparing Magnus for what he believes will be the final assault by Beinison, an assault he does not think he will be able to repulse.Deliverance 1
24 Sy, 1014Edward attempts to come up with a viable strategy against the Beinisonians. At the same time, the conspirators begin to step up their campaign to remove Edward as Knight Commander.Deliverance 2
Sy 20 1014Dargon after-war summary.Rats!
Sy 4 1014An attempt is made on Sable's life; Marcellon is challenged by Mon-TaerleorKnight of the Moon Jewel 1
Sy 1014The battle between Marcellon and Mon-TaerleorKnight of the Moon Jewel 2
Sy 1014The Emperor of Beinison faces the problems of a gradually demoralized army, while Beinison leaders decide the fate of their empire.Coup
Sy 1014A prostitute gets caught in the attack on Magnus and is helped to safety by an unusual person.Screams of War
Yuli 25-27 1014Deven convinces Rien to undermine the Beinison war effort....I Shall Repay
Yuli 17-19 1014Liriss' strong-hold is raided; resolution to series.Pact 6
Yuli 15 1014Corambis and Taishent make a new castingFortunes 2
Yuli 15 1014Aimee disappears; Liriss suspects the town guard is setting him up.Pact 4
Yuli 15-17 1014Search for Aimee; kidnapping of Ilona and Tara.Pact 5
Yuli 14 1014Tara believes Ilona had a hand in her uncle's death.Pact 3
Yuli 12-13 1014An assassination attempt on Captain Koren is foiled.Pact 2
Yuli 10-11 1014Liriss offers Kalen a deal that Ilona accepts.Pact 1
Yuli 8, 1014Arvalian regiments fight their way up the Laraka.Loren Armare 2
Yuli 4-5, 1014Arvalia's regiments reach the Laraka and start getting ready for battle with Beinison.Loren Armare 1
Yuli 4-5, 1014Port Andestyn has been infested with pirates, but can Waaj dream up the town's salvation?The Pirate Conclave
Yuli 3-4 1014Aimee Taishent saves a young woman from a Beinison soldier during the invasion.What are Little Girls Made Of?
Yule 24 1014Goren survives an ordeal and leaves Gateway in search of ClayTracks
Yule 23 1014Stefan is kidnapped on the way to Hawksbridge.Kidnapped 2
Yule 22 1014Derrio's reaction to warThe Evening After ...
Yule 21 1014Derrio's thoughts after his first battleEvening After, the
Yule 21-23 1014Kera and Stefan Dower set off for Hawksbridge.Kidnapped 1
Yule 19-22 1014The climax of the battle for GatewayLaraka III 2
Yule 17 1014Goren kills Ne'on and the demon PhosSons of Gateway: Reunion 7
Yule 14 1014Rumors cause Sir Edward to end his friendship with Jan Courymwen.For What We Are About to Receive 1
Yule 13-17 1014Luthias promoted to Captain; Beinisons attack GatewayLaraka III 1
Yuli 13 through 21, 1014Arvalian troops clash with the Beinison forces along the Laraka.Loren Armare 3
Yule 12-18 1014Kera becomes Rien's squire; Rien heads off to war.Place Unto Wrath
Yule 10 1014Old fears and a new love for DerrioDummy
Yule 10-23 1014Rien searches for Adrea in Sharks' Cove.Vengeance is Mine...
Yule 8 1014Luthias teaches Derrio about honorLessons
Yule 08 1014Derrio vs. Ongis' squires teaches him about honorA Lesson Learned
Yule 6-12 1014Siege of Port SevlynCampaign for the Laraka 2
Yule 4 1014Fionna and Ittosai meetSonnet to the Bichanese
Yule 1 1014Richard meets a suspicious bardthe Changeling Never Known 1
Yule 1 1014Richard kills a suspicious bard; reveals his pastthe Changeling Never Known 2
Yule 1014A dying warrior's thoughtsUnderstanding
Yule 1014A timid shopkeeper realizes his dreams of heroismHeroic Couplet
Melrin 5, 1014Two young people engage in a war of wits, and each learn their own lessons.Growing Pains
Melrin 4-5 1014Marcellon prepares enchanted items for Clifton and LuthiasOpus Interruptus
Mid-1014An adventurer on the way to DargonSwordmay
18 Naia 1014Luthias returns to Magnus; Sable gives birth to twinsMy Father's Curse
Naia 13 1014Kimmentari confronts her cousin Olmehri, and Chandras throws his lot in with the Raiders.Shadowstone 3
Naia 13 1014The final assault on Olmehri's Minions begins, and Chandras does what he must.Shadowstone 4
Naia 12 1014Baranurian loss at Oron's CrossroadsBlood on Oron's Crossroads
Naia 12 1014Chandras meets Kimmentari, the Shadowstone, and the RaidersShadowstone 2
Naia 11-12 1014Chandras flees Port Andestn after a botched assassination attempt only to get in deeper troubleShadowstone 1
10 Naia-1 Yule 1014Invasion of Sharks' Cove; Morion goes to war; Adrea killed.Campaign for the Laraka 1
Naia 1014A story of dilemmas. Challenged by extraordinary circumstances, can a man live outside the beliefs of his time and find happiness with the woman he loves.Piercing a Steel Heart
Firil 24, 1014While passing through a small village, Sylk and Kittara hear about gruesome deaths attributed to a mysterious creature.Cat's Cry
15 Mertz 1014Gaoel and Richard discuss the war while in DargonA Night Off the Town
Mertz 1014A boy, Matthew, in Dargon Town yearns to be accepted into a group of shadow boys.A Shadow of a Life
Mertz 1014Matthew and Ben stumble across Clifton Dargon and Lansing Bartol.A Touch of Dargon
Vibril 30-Yule 12 101Rho helps Goren escapeSons of Gateway: Running 6
Vibril 12, 1014A thief falls in love and strives to change his ways.Essart and the Lady
Janis 29-Vibril 27Goren meets Rho; Ne'on's soldiers kill Nar-Enthruen mages for magic crystalSons of Gateway 5
13 Janis 1014Luthias obtains a squire; addiction curedSome Snatch of Honor
Janis 13 1014Derrio becomes Luthias' squire; Luthias knightedBe Careful What You Wish For
Deber 26 1014Luthias returns from Beinison addicted to ardonWhen the War God Weeps
Deber 17-18 1014Luthias' head is delivered to the war councilA Gift of War