Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1013

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Adventurers search for treasure in an abandoned castle.To Be Continued...
A summary of the Baranur-Beinison warDeliverance 0
Nober 18-20 1013Rien, Kera and Brice stop slave trade in Sharks' Cove.Slavers
Nober 15 1013, Janis 16-17 993Origin of Kera.Ghosts of the Past
Nober 4 1013-Janis 28 1014Growth of Ne'on's power over GatewaySons of Gateway 4
Nober 2 1013-Deber 17 1014Galacian assault on Myros in Magnus; TJJ dieConflict of Interest 2
Nober 1013Cefn and Ka'en end the threat of Vard, but at a great price.the Treasure 4
Nober 1013Richard and Donegal go to hunt a tiger; sink Beinison slave shipHunting of the Red Tiger 1
Nober 1013Richard and Donegal rescue the natives and catch the tigerHunting of the Red Tiger 2
Ober 31-Nober 1 1013Myros arrives in Magnus; Tarn, Julia and Justin break into his castleConflict of Interest 1
Ober 24-Nober, 1013The questors quest, the searchers find, the threads draw closed, and the saga comes to an end.Talisman Ten 3
Ober 15-24, 1013All four reincarnates are in the city, and everyone is looking for someone. By the end, they've all found something, but what?Talisman Ten 2
Ober 5-7 1013Rien and Kera finish their job in Phedra.the Bronze Horseman 3
Ober-Nober 1013Je'en breaks into the vaults underneath Dargon Keep, but is she acting on her own?the Treasure 3
Ober 1013Dyalar frees Trasath from the grip of the Octacle.Quest 2
Seber 25-Ober 5 1013Kera arrives at Sharks' Cove.the Bronze Horseman 2
Seber 24-Ober 7 1013Luthias rescues and marries SableTrial by Fire 5
Seber 22 - Ober 5, 1013All the threads are now in Dargon - time for the last act to begin!Talisman Ten 1
Seber 5-12 1013Clifton is tried by Haralan, Luthias is made CountTrial by Fire 4
1007, summer 1009, fall 1013Dyalar is apprenticed to a smith in Dargon.Quest 1
Seber 1013After a storm at sea, Cydric finds himself on board a ghost ship.Ship of Doom
Sy 24-27 1013Sable is kidnappedTrial by Fire 3
Sy 24-Seber 4, 1013The gypsies chase the Bloody Hand, Aldan and Nakaz chase the dwindling Bresk's Band.Talisman Nine 6
Sy 24, 1013Taneris seeks to rescue Rhadia from the Bloody Hand of SageezaMeasure of a Man 2
Sy 23-24, 1013The Rhydd Pobl gypsies Taneris, Hadrach, Rhadia, and Gwill search Dargon for the Crimson Book of Sageeza.Measure of a Man 1
Sy 20 1013Eliowy escapes from Liriss, meets Teran.Two Bits and a Silver 2
Sy 15-22 1013Clifton is accused of treasonTrial by Fire 2
Sy 14 - 23, 1013Yawrab and Ganba close in on Lacsil; Nakaz and Aldan seek some answersTalisman Nine 5
13-14 Sy 1013Primus is alerted of a conspiracythe Game Begins
Sy 10-Seber 22 1013Rien goes to Phedra to face a renegade knight.the Bronze Horseman 1
7-12 Sy 1013Tournament; Ittosai accused of treasonTrial by Fire 1
6 Sy 1013Luthias' nightmare; offer of marrige of Sable to OleranTrial by Fire 0
Sy 5 - 22, 1013Nakaz agrees to lead Aldan to Dargon; a mysterious sextet is revealed; riddles are solved in a tavern.Talisman Nine 4
Sy 1013Tara's parents are killed by banditsthe Destiny of Tara n'ha Sansela
Sy 1013Tara meets Lana in TenchIf Looks Could Kill
Sy 1013Tara and Lana leave Tench.Two Journeys
29 Yuli-7 Sy 1013Myros sets out for MagnusInquiries
Yuli 24-30 1013Marcellon develops a cure.Materia Medica 4
Yuli 22-23 1013Rien and Kera ask Marcellon for help.Materia Medica 3
Yuli 19-21 1013Confrontation with coven; Rien and Kera directed to Marcellon.Materia Medica 2
Yuli 18, 1013Mandi encounters a ghost at an inn in Port Sevlyn.Persistence of Spirit
Yuli 17 1013Eliowy rescues Tilden.Two Bits and a Silver 1
Yuli 13, 1013Rhonwn tries to escape Lacsil's plans; Yawrab is resuced by some gypsies.Talisman Eight 2
Yuli 13-Sy 7, 1013Yawrab heads for Dargon; the gypsies decide to chase after Lacsil.Talisman Nine 3
Yuli 12-Sy 5, 1013Aldan begins his long journey to Dargon, seeking revenge.Talisman Nine 2
Yuli 11-22 1013Jaryn challanges his father's killerthe Knight of Stone
Yuli 11-12, 1013Aldan learns the truth, and tries to track down the culprits.Talisman Seven 4
Yuli 9-11, 1013The Menagerie gets an idea, and Aldan Bindrmon gets a surprise.Talisman Seven 3
Yuli 8-9, 1013Aldan Bindrmon learns of the marriage his father has planned for him.Talisman Seven 2
Yuli 7 - Nober 2 1013Ne'on goes through with his plan to kill Qord and his fatherSons of Gateway 3
Yuli 7-13, 1013A young gypsy, visiting Beeikar, learns some disturbing news.Talisman Eight 1
Yuli 4 1013Brynna meets an old friend in Magnus; Challion is found guilty.Resolutions
Yuli 4-5, 1013To steal the Codex Araltakonia, Pike breaks into the Bardic College.On the Prowl 2
Yuli 1-5, 1013Baron Chak Bindrmon takes care of some important business.Talisman Seven 1
Yule 30 - Yuli 2, 1013The Bard Nakaz encounters a mystery at an innTalisman Nine 1
Yule 16-Yuli 2 1013Pike steals chalice from Fort Point.On the Prowl 1
10-11 Yule 1013Ittosai and Rish VogelSteel Souls
Yule 8-23 1013Ne'on progresses as a magus, and visits Magnus during the Melrin celebration.Sons of Gateway 2
Yule 3 - Yuli 19 1013Rien and Kera return to Dargon to continue their search for a cure.Materia Medica 1
Yule 1 1013Corambis and Taishent make predictionsFortunes 1
Summer 1013Sir Morion is called to do his duty when one of his former students becomes a menace.Duty
Summer 1013Tara meets SharinStranger in the Mist
Yule-Yuli 1013Sable introduced; Danza offered to Luthias in marriageA Visit to Connall
Yule-Yuli 1013Marcellon the sorceror makes Clifton Dargon earn his daughter Lauren's hand in marriageA Bride for Dargon
Melrin 5 1013Commander Challion attacks the _Vanguard Voyager_ for possession of the Codex.Unwelcome Encounter
Melrin 5-Yule 2 1013Cydric attends a party for Brynna.Reluctant Revelation
Melrin 1013Roisart and Luthias' father is killed; trip to DargonWorthy of the Title 1
Melrin 1013Roisart and Luthias' trip through the marketWorthy of the Title 2
Melrin 1013Assassination attempt on Clifton resolved; Roisart killedWorthy of the Title 3
28 Naia 1013Cydric signs onto a ship in Sharks' CoveA Night in the Town
Naia 25-Yule 7 1013Rien and Kera meet GerimDragon Hunt 3
Naia 21-Ober 13 1013Gerim has his confrontation with Maari.Dragon Hunt 4
20-23 Naia 1013Rien and Kera search for Maari in the forest.Dragon Hunt 2
19-23 Naia 1013Gerim is sent to kill MaariDragon Hunt 1
17 Naia 1013While escaping from Teran, Eliowy meets Liriss.Backtrail
12-16 Naia 1013Rien and Kera leave Dargon in search of a cure.Unlikely Partners 2
10 Naia 1013Rien arrives in DargonUnlikely Partners 1
Firil 30 1013A pair of adventurers loot the Glasmelyn Llaw tower.Take from the Tower
Mertz 1013Cefn and Je'en are hired by a gypsy to rescue his betrothed.Glasmelyn Llaw 1
Mertz 1013Je'en rescues Cefn and Syusahn from the clutches of the mysterious, magical Glasmelyn Llaw.Glasmelyn Llaw 2
Vibril 17-Firil 7 1013Ne'on's start as a mageSons of Gateway 1