Story Reference

Timeline for the Year 1012

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

29 Seber 1012, 16 Naia 1013Eliowy arrives in Dargon.Runaway
8 Sy, 1012Alec gets a lead and stumbles into someone else's story.Quadrille 4
8 Sy, 1012Ariel and Mouse make progress at identifying their enemy and at crafting a counter plot.Quadrille 5
8-9 Sy, 1012Ariel confronts her gods and demons, some mysteries are explained, and people live happily ever after if they aren't dead.Quadrille 6
Sy 7 1012Murder, robbery, abduction, assault, resistng arrest, and a case of uncertain identity: It's another typical night in Dargon.Quadrille 2
7-8 Sy, 1012Mouse and Ariel found themselves a hideout while official and unofficial persons tried to sort out what had happened in the night at Camron's shipping.Quadrille 3
Sy 1012Je'en unwilling involvement with the septent of Jhel is resolved by Cefn's timely intervention.the Dream 2
Sy 1012Ariel arrives in DargonWinds of Change
Sy 1012Ariel regains some powersA Scent in the Air
Sy 1012A rival guild confronts ArielA Sudden Storm
Yuli 1012Cydric arrives in Dargon, searching for answers to his dreamsCydric and the Sage 1
Yuli 1012Atros and Darla attackedGrowing Concern 4
Yuli 1012The secret of Atros' dreamsThrough the Veil 5
Yuli 1012Atros tells his story to PravoA Difficult Recovery 6
Yuli 1012Cydric meets Corambis.Cydric and the Sage 2
Yuli 1012History of the Dreamrealms; in the market place.Cydric and the Sage 3
Yuli 1012Cydric and Corambis in the DreamrealmsCydric and the Sage 4
Yuli 1012Kite's brother agrees to help AtrosNoble Favor 7
Yuli 1012Solving the mystery, Cydric and Corambis return to Dargon.Cydric and the Sage 5
Yule 1012Banewood and Factotum discover a plot to have Lord Dargon killedthe Essence of Ur-Baal
Yule 1012Banewood and Factotum tres to upset the plans for Lord Dargon's assassinationUr-Baal Magic
Yule 1012Atros and Darla meet in DargonCalls of Courtesy 3
Yule 1012Griswald and Pyle discover Thad's deaththe Hands of a Healer
Yule 1012Pecora becomes sickRespect thy Elders 1
Yule 1012Kite searches for a cure for PecoraRespect thy Elders 2
Yule 1012Kite visits Hartley to obtain herbs for IsentraumRespect thy Elders 3
Summer 1012Je'en arrives in Dargon, and begins to have trouble with her dreams.the Dream 1
Summer 1012Gellan arrives in DargonReunion
Summer 1012On his final voyage on the Victory Chimes, legendary Captain Gordon Smith finally does something worthy of a legend.Legend in the Making
Summer 1012Levy and Ittosai stop a group of banditsthe Edged Tool
Early Summer 1012Simon greets Ittosai Michiya in Dargon.Simon's Song
Early Summer 1012Ittosai's start in DargonExile
Melrin 1012Atros arrives in DargonDreamer's Holiday 2
Naia 1012Kittara arrives in DargonKittara Comes to Town
Spring 1012Atros kills Gilman and leaves for DargonRendezvous 1
Spring 1012Introduction to Hartley the druidthe Awakening
Janis-Sy 7 1012Mouse and Brother Gerevin (a.k.a. Brother Muskrat) discuss what sort of life is possible for a person who is very, very small. Mouse makes plans to go to Dargon to see the Duke.Quadrille 1