Story Reference

Timeline for the Years 1000-11

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Firil 26-Naia 12, 1011Bard Nakaz attempts to right a wrong in the Barony of Frasilk.Talisman Six 2
Firil 25-26, 1011A day not quite like all other days in the life of Bard Nakaz.Talisman Six 1
Vibril 27, 1011A priest of Stevene is taught a lesson about preaching to sailors.Leave the Ocean to Cirrangill
Sy 27-28, 1010A book is stolen from the Bardic College, and an assault is avenged.Talisman Five 3
Sy 18-23, 1010Ka'lochra'en receives an assignment, and Je'lanthra'en is ambushed.Talisman Five 2
Summer 1010Sarah searches for a night fruitNight Fruit
Early Summer, 1010A cleric confronts a dying mage with questions of faith, belief, and matters supernatural."And How Will You Believe?"
Vibril 16, 1010Vard purchases a mysterious chest and finds some exciting information within it.Talisman Five 1
Winter-Spring 1010Levy finds and marries SarahConsummate Love
Deber 2, 1010Megan reflects on her past on her birthday while her mother gives birth.Past, Present, and Presage 2
Deber 1010Simona tells the story of her early childhood, her abduction, and entrance into the Bardic College in MagnusPast, Present, and Presage 1
1010-1012Je'lanthra'en, a bard, suffers an accident that changes her life.A New Life
1010Ka'en's steals a special book for a mysterious man.the Treasure 1
1010-1013Vard learns of the power behind the Fretheod's Empire, and takes steps to harness it for himself.the Treasure 2
Sy, 1009Aleksandr Heahun is bullied by squires in Fennell Keep, attends Baron Fennell at the Holy Sennight Tournament where things continue to go wrongA Matter of Pride 1
Sy, 1009Pter Heahun departs on an errand of knighthood, while Aleksandr Heahun decides to face the bully Sigurdur in a trial by combat.A Matter of Pride 2
Summer-Fall 1009Levy meets SarahOrnate Love
Summer 1009BY 1009. Brother Muskrat of Rockway House leads an expedition to a ruined chapel to retrieve magical artifacts that are no longer magical and a Mouse who is not a mouse.Sleepers Awake
Mertz, 1009Lev Roise, now a novice in the order of Cyruzhian monks, travels to Dargon with some of his brother monks. Once there he meets a young prostitute who stirs new feelings in him.A Matter of Faith 1
Mertz, 1009Lev must make a decision about his feelings for Samara, a pregnant prostitute in DargonA Matter of Faith 2
1009A peasant's view of all this adventuring...Beans
Yuli, 1007Devron, a miller living in Dargon, experiences supernatural occurences after his wife's death from the Red PlagueOur Secret Shore
Early Summer 1007Levy rescues Lord Dargon's goldDeep Trouble
Naia, 1007In a barony northeast of the town of Barel, an archer from Beinison is trapped by his desire for the baron's daughter into a disastrous sacrifice. As the baron prepares to annex nearby land, the archer is thrown into a life of servitude.The Measure of His Love 1
Naia, 1007What is a greater threat to Fennla, daughter of Lord Claywall; the love of her eunuch, or the hatred of her enemies?The Measure of His Love 2
1016The cleanup after Othra's shop falls into a sinkhole; then Kael and Darvale go caving and find more than they wanted toUndermined Hope
Janis 11, 1006-Yuli 23, 1019The unexpected consequences of a spell ripple throughout time and end up back in the lap of the caster.Unintended Consequences
Janis, 1006Aleksandr Heahun, now a page in Fennell Keep, overhears Sir Jarek Kelbhen planning to kidnap Baron Fennell's daughter, Zhilinda. Aleksandr tells his superiors, but they pay no heed, and he must devise a way to save Zhilinda himself.A Matter of Honour 2
Janis, 1006Aleksandr Heahun and Lev Roise attempt to rescue Zhilinda Fennell from Sir Jarek Kelbhen and his minions.A Matter of Honour 3
Melrin-Autumn 1004BY 1004. Mouse is kidnapped from Riverside and Kraen Barbar attempts to rescue her.Falsehoods
20 Firil-7 Naia 1004Sir Ongis traps Mouse, thinking he can market her as a fairy princess"I am my Lord's Possession"
Sy, 1003Aleksandr Heanun, the son of a knight, and his peasant friend Lev Roise set out for Fennell Keep where they will pursue their futures.A Matter of Honour 1
Spring, 1002In the southern seas, a young man and an old man from a tropical island go fishing on the ocean. The young man's impatience with the old ways color his views of the older man and the ocean's mysteries. A View From Above: Fishing 1
Spring  1002A shipwrecked sailor from Dargon must come to terms with life with the natives.A View From Above: The Island 2
Mertz 1002Simon gets in touch with his inner self in the worse way possible.A View From Above: The Underground 6
Spring 1002A View From Above: The Natives 3
Mertz 1002Simon's dream of leaving the island turns into a nightmare populated by monsters both human and other.A View From Above: The Ocean 4
Mertz 1002Simon leaves the village, becomes a man, and learns to fly. Badly.A View From Above: The Sky Above 5