Story Reference

Timeline for the Years 1-999

The following events take place in the listed era. Use the links below to navigate to other time periods in Dargon history.

Seber 10, 999Levy Barel, the apprentice journeyman, confronts a natural disaster.Withstand the Flood
Vibril 20, 999In 998 BY, the younger members in the household of the Baron of Connall explain how to celebrate the Night of Souls to mama-aunt Morwyn Shipbrook.The Night of Souls
Deber 2, 995Anna's story continues as family history repeats itself.Spirit of a Woman 2
Mertz 994Anna gets married, meets her parents-in-law, and finds out more about her family history.Spirit of a Woman 1
992Introduction to Eli (Levy's father)Dawn Watch
Melrin 985Tobias travels to Dargon to seek answers and meets Drew. Anna remains behind to recover. When Tobias returns, things take a turn for the worse.Fate of a Child 3
Janis 985More than anything, Anna wants to accompany Tobias on his trip to Dargon. As she prepares for the journey, she is abducted by villagers who believe she is the child of an evil god.Fate of a Child 2
985Cefn's history is revealedOl Tamboch Narhin, Thread 6: Building Fear 6
Sy 979Anna, orphaned when villagers murder her mother, is left to fend for herself. While searching for a place to live, she finds Tobias' cabin and is allowed to stay.Fate of a Child 1
Nober 15 965A Necromancer seeks to return to the world of the living.A Tale Of Dark Magic 2
Ober 11, BY910 - Nober 15, BY931A priestess of Stevene seeks revenge against the evil wizard who killed her mother.A Tale of Dark Revenge
18 Ober, 903 - 29 Vibril, 904Queen Dara leads her forces in the final battle of the Great Houses WarThe Great Houses War 9
12 Naia, 902 - 6 Janis, 904Queen Dara leades the forces that break that second seige of Dargon Keep.The Great Houses War 8
Naia 29 902 - 924An unusual stone journeys through place and time.Ol Tamboch Narhin, Thread 8 8
Firil 28-30, 902Baroness Galina Fennell and her followers face overwhelming odds in defense of Queen Dara Tallirhan.The Great Houses War 7
Yuli 23-Ober 30 901Duke Valeran Northfield faces battle and temptation as he attempts to defeat the forces of Queen DaraThe Great Houses War 6
8 - 21 Mertz, 900While Dargon Keep is beseiged, Queen Dara faces a difficult decision.The Great Houses War 5
12 Firil-30 Sy, 899Aendasia Blortnikson leads her army across southern Baranur in her bid to defeat the Hous Tallirhan Loyalists and claim the Baranurian throne as her uncle had wished.The Great Houses War 4
4 Deber-8 Janis 899Sir Zephrym Vladon, with the Tallirhan household knights, leads the royal family on a daring escape from besieged Magnus through enemy-held territoryThe Great Houses War 3
Seber 897-Deber 899The first blood of the Great Houses War is shed, and war ravages southern Baranur leading up to the fateful Battle of MagnusThe Great Houses War 2
15 Vibril-5 Sy, 897After the death of King Stefan II, his grandson Caeron Tallirhan is crowned king and plunges the Kingdom of Baranur into civil warThe Great Houses War 1
897Qawm travels far to the north in service to the Empire. But will he make it home?Ol Tamboch Narhin, Thread 7: Far From Home 7
Yuli 14 885Another player in the drama is introduced - Aidona.Ol Tamboch Narhin, Thread 2: Another Genesis 2
882Qawm learns how to be a soldierOl Tamboch Narhin, Thread 5: The Rigors of War 5
None  877Qawm goes to school.Ol Tamboch Narhin, Thread 3:  Schooling 3
872-877This story introduces QawmOl Tamboch Narhin, Thread 1: A Beginning 1
Naia 16, 346 BYEldirhan meets a fellow Talisman reincarnate, and does not go questing with her.Talisman Four