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Stories in the series "Respect thy Elders"

# 1: Respect thy Elders Part 1

By: Ornoth | DargonZine F5, Issue 2

Kite bounded up the granite stairs to the portals of Winthrop Keep. Winthrop was a small holding, perhaps a dozen leagues southwest of Dargon. Recently, Kite, an aspiring young lord of the house of Talador, a wealthy duchy south of Winthrop, was engaged to Pecora, the only child of the ruler of Winthrop. But this sunny morning, Kite had received a message from Mistress Izetta, Pecora's woman-in-waiting and nursemaid of many years, asking him to come at once to Winthrop ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Respect thy Elders Part 2

By: Ornoth | DargonZine F5, Issue 3

Kite slowed his horse as he came upon the peasant village. After several long days and nights of riding, he was weighted down with weariness and worry. His trip had begun over a week ago, when his fiancee, Pecora Winthrop, had fallen ill. Following the advice of her nurse, mistress Izetta, Kite had ridden west, in search of an Elder named Isentraum. The journey had not been easy, for it had rained nearly every afternoon, and Kite's mind was heavy ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Respect thy Elders Part 3

By: Ornoth | DargonZine F6, Issue 1

Kite was beat, yet his spirits were high. He had actually managed the more difficult portion of his quest: finding the Elder Isentraum and convincing him to heal heal his fiancee, Pecora Winthrop. In exchange, all the Elder desired was for Kite to fetch a certain herb from a druid who lived outside a village named Greenmont, which he had found rather easily. Now he was headed down a footpath outside the village, towards the area where the druid, named ... [ Read More ]