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Stories in the series "Cydric and the Sage"

# 1: Cydric and the Sage Part 1

By: Carlo Samson | DargonZine F6, Issue 4

I. Arrival: The Tavern   It was late afternoon when Cydric Araesto arrived in the coastal town of Dargon. Hot and tired from his journey up from the capital of Baranur, he rode through the main street of the town, seeking a place to rest. His eyes fixed on a large building near the middle of the street; a sign above the door proclaimed:   BELISANDRA'S in bold red letters. Below the name was a painting of a young buxom wench raising a large ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Cydric and the Sage Part 2

By: Carlo Samson | DargonZine F8, Issue 4

IV. The Sage   Twilight had settled upon the town by the time Cydric and Holleena finished their meal of Simon's fish stew and left the docks. The full moon was beginning to rise as they arrived at the house of Corambis, which stood at the far eastern edge of the Old City. As Cydric's black stallion came to a stop in front of the gate of the iron fence which enclosed the front yard, Holleena slid off the horse's back and ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Cydric and the Sage Part 3

By: Carlo Samson | DargonZine F9, Issue 1

THE STORY SO FAR: In Part 1 (chapters I-III), Cydric Araesto arrives in Dargon late one afternoon. While resting at Belisandra's Tavern, he experiences a vision that has been recurring in his mind for some time. In the vision, he is alone on the shore of a vast golden sea. He starts to take a drink of the golden water, but it turns colorless in his hand. A transparent skull appears, and makes some strange carvings in a nearby rock. ... [ Read More ]

# 4: Cydric and the Sage Part 4

By: Carlo Samson | DargonZine F10, Issue 1

THE STORY SO FAR: The synopsis for parts 1 & 2 can be found in FSFnet VOL09N1.   In part 3 (chapters VI-VII), Cydric wakes up the next morning uninjured from the skull blast. As he recovers, Corambis brings him a few books. He reads about the Dreamrealms, other dimensions only accessible by magical means; about a mage called Nephros and of his quest for the Amulet of Hanarn (a device used by the ancient Mystics to open a Celestial Archway and ... [ Read More ]

# 5: Cydric and the Sage Part 5

By: Carlo Samson | DargonZine F10, Issue 6

Author's note: The complete synopsis for parts 1 & 2 can be found in FSFnet VOL09N1, for part 3 in FSFnet VOL10N1.   THE STORY SO FAR: In part 4 (chapters VIII-X), Cydric and Corambis head back to the house at twilight, stopping momentarily in the temple district so that the Sage can offer a brief prayer to the goddess Cahleyna. Cydric questions the necessity of worshipping the gods; Corambis seems offended but later accepts Cydric's apology. When they arrive back at ... [ Read More ]