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Stories in the series "A View From Above"

# : A View From Above: The Island

By: | DargonZine 30, Issue 2

Simon woke because there was a foot in his face. It was a small foot, and placed without malice, for the owner thereof was still asleep himself, tucked under Simon's left side. It was Bighair, one of the village boys. He had managed to get himself flipped end over end, and one of his feet was under Simon's nose. This was not an unusual way for Simon to wake up on the island. He gently pushed the foot away. Bighair ... [ Read More ]

# : A View From Above: Fishing

By: | DargonZine 29, Issue 2

"Kami." Kami woke and opened his eyes, his slight movement causing his hammock to sway. It was dark inside the hut, and from all around he could hear the sound of his family sleeping. No light of dawn intruded through the doorway, but Kami knew it was time to start the day. He paused just a moment, wondering whose voice had awakened him. There was no one near, no one else awake yet. Kami did not believe in spirits, so it ... [ Read More ]

# 3: A View From Above: The Natives

By: | DargonZine 31, Issue 1

Simon had been a simple deckhand when he first set sail from home. That ship, the Lilith, never sailed far out of sight of land, plying the local trade routes. After a while, Simon moved to a larger ship that sailed far out to sea, navigating by the stars. That ship had been chartered for a trading run to the tropics. The voyage took months and ended badly with the ship foundering and the crew in small boats. The ... [ Read More ]