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Description A tall tale spun by Atros at Dargon party: A nonhuman word that stands for a concept which is difficult to express otherwise. According to myth, it was coined by the first sentient creature. Soon after it was created, the sentience was guided by the All Creator to a point from which it could view the entirety of reality so that for the first time the Creator could share his handiwork with another capable of appreciating it. The astonished creature looked upon the vastness of time, space, void, living, and nonliving. In response, the creature uttered what was probably the first word, though it is almost certain that this creature possessed no vocal abilities as we know them. And this first word, this first independent thought, was 'Squarg', or so that is the sound which man has given that word. It stands for many things. It symbolizes all the wonder and rapture inherent in a glimpse of the entirety of reality, but at one and the same time, it relates a certain feeling of pride and contempt, hubris against the Creator. As if one were to say 'Is this the best that you could do?' and 'Beware God, I am Man. These realms are mine to do with as I please and I will do better.' There are other nuances of course but these are even more difficult to define.