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Description Eelail is the name of a race of people. The Eelail are broken down into two groups: the Ljosalfar and the Dopkalfar. Both groups tend to mimic humanity in appearance, with a few differences. They are more slender of build, slightly taller, and have pointed ears. Some humans have called the Eelail elves but that is a slang name. Saying elf in polite company is anti-social and downright unacceptable! The Eelail differ from humanity in a few aspects. They have an immunity to nightshade, their lifespan is infinite (they do not die of natural causes), sleep is not needed (but a form of meditation is used), their gestation period is 1 year (although Eelail children mature at the same rate as human children), and their night vision is good. Although cross breeding is possible between Eelail and humans; humans have had a history of disliking the Eelail and in the past blood has been spilled. Presently there are no hostilities, and the Eelail are slowly becoming a legend. It should be noted that some isolated human tribes have no conflict with the Eelail. While related, Ljosalfar and Dopkalfar dislike each other due to social structure and ways of life (usually a fight, though NOT to the death is bound to break out). Magic is known to exist in the Eelail, but for the most part it is related to healing and spells of nature. Eelail have a strong belief that once dead, the individual should stay dead. This is derived from the soul/spirit conflict. The Eelail believe they have spirits and not souls. Someone trying to contact them against their will may find themselves a prisoner.