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Description Wend was a guard employed by Fifth I. Wend and Je'en were lovers in Naia of 1012. Wend had some knowledge that allowed him to begin helping her to deal with the loss of her life's work and ambition when she lost the ability to be a bard. He also betrayed her to the cult of Jhel. When he realised that the cult meant her no good, however, he tried to go back on the deal, and ended up being killed by Terkan.
  • the Dream 1 in FSFnet 6-3 Wend leads Je'en to the use of Hanla's tears as an aid to reconciling herself to her losses.
  • the Dream 2 in FSFnet 6-4 Wend begins to help Je'en cure herself, but eventually sells access to her to the cult of Jhel.
  • Quadrille 4 in DargonZine 11-1 Passing reference