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Description Tarlada was, in the distant past, a wizard of skill. His research was greatly aided by the vast collection of tomes he had amassed. His abilities made his contemporaries jealous, and they thought that they could take his skill for themselves by stealing his books and his research. Tarlada created the Glasmelyn Llaw to protect him from the prospective thieves. He managed to create a very powerful magic that gave the tower a purpose - to keep him safe from everything. His creation succeeded beyond his dreams. It protected him from attack, but it also protected him from time far more completely than he could ever have known. Eventually, it even protected him from death. Though Tarlada was a loner, even he was driven mad by centuries of lonliness, so that eventually he didn't care what his creation was doing, either to him or to the surrounding countryside.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 1 in FSFnet 6-5 Tarlada's paranoia, combined with his mastery of magic, enabled him to build the magical mystery that is the Glasmelyn Llaw.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 2 in FSFnet 7-1 Tarlada, driven mad by the prolonging of his life by his magical creation, the Glasmelyn Llaw, rejoyces at the new captives his tower has given him.
  • Take from the Tower in DargonZine 6-2 Passing reference