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Yrmenweald, Tome of the
Description Author: Hrothgrim the Skaldric. History of the creation of the Master Staff, the Yrmenweald. Not only details how the original was created, it also sets down how to duplicate the feat. This book is the only record of this process - in order to protect this knowledge from falling into the wrong hands, Hrothgrim wrote it all down, and then the Clear Fire Weavers removed all traces of the knowledge from the minds of the Fretheod people. The book was then secreted away in the dungeons of Wudamund for safe keeping.
  • the Treasure 1 in FSFnet 7-5 This is the book that Ka'en is hired to steal.
  • the Treasure 2 in FSFnet 8-2 Vard's translation of this ancient book gives him access to the secrets of enormous power.
  • the Treasure 4 in FSFnet 10-2 Passing reference
  • Talisman Five 1 in DargonZine 13-6 Vard finds reference to this important book in the chest.
  • Talisman Five 2 in DargonZine 13-7 Vard hires Kana (Ka'en) to steal this book from the College of Bards.
  • Talisman Five 3 in DargonZine 13-8 The Tome was successfully stolen by Ka'en (posing as Kethseir) from the College of Bards, and delivered to the mysterious magician who hired him for the job.