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N'ha Sansela, Tara
Description Young peasant girl. Niece to Captain Adrunian Koren. Born in the village of Myridon in Narragan.
  • the Destiny of Tara n'ha Sansela in FSFnet 6-3 Tara's life changes in this story. She is forced to leave everything she's ever known.
  • If Looks Could Kill in FSFnet 7-1 She goes to Tench and meets Morion.
  • Two Journeys in FSFnet 7-5 Is reunited with her uncle, Captain Koren, in Dargon.
  • Stranger in the Mist in FSFnet 11-1 Helps Sharin and learns of Sharin's abilities. The two start to become friends.
  • Pact 3 in DargonZine 5-1 Finds the gem and note that Liriss sent to Ilona and begins to suspect that her uncle was killed by his own people. Rish Vogel talks to her about his own suspicions.
  • Pact 4 in DargonZine 5-2 Passing reference in Rish's letter to Bartol.
  • Pact 5 in DargonZine 5-3 Kidnapped by Ovink and later escapes.
  • Pact 6 in DargonZine 5-4 Passing reference
  • Friendships of Stone 2 in DargonZine 10-8 Spends the day with Sharin, Matthew, and Ben
  • Friendships of Stone 3 in DargonZine 11-2 Tara enlists the aid of Matthew, Ben, and Koren to help find Sharin
  • Friendships of Stone 4 in DargonZine 11-9 Searches for her missing friend, Sharin, with the help of Matthew and Ben
  • Friendships of Stone 5 in DargonZine 13-1 In her searching for Sharin, Tara gets herself into trouble and her fate is decided in this story
  • Chains of Freedom in DargonZine 13-12 Koren orders a special present for her from Nila