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Morion, Lord Sir
Description Sir Morion, Lord and Baron of Pentamorlo, is tall and full-bodied, with broad shoulders, and a thick chest, arms and legs. His hair is raven-black, his face handsomely aristocratic, and he has ice-grey eyes, so light that there almost seemes to be something wrong with them. Sir Morion runs a school to train people in martial arts. He is very select in choosing his pupils - he will not simply accept someone because they can pay him, but only if they show sufficient promise that he can actually teach them something. Sir Morion wears black armor with a stylized gryphon on the breastplate - the gryphon is his family crest. Though he bears the title of Baron of his lands, he does not hold those lands in feif to Duke Dargon, or even the crown of Baranur. This exceedingly strange arrangement has to do with a service he performed in the past for the crown - a service to King Nun he discusses with no one. However, when the Baranur-Beinison War began to overwhelm his country, he entered the service of his king and helped out at several key battles.
  • A New Life in FSFnet 5-3 Sir Morion accepts Je'en into his school, and teaches her how to be a warrior.
  • the Dream 1 in FSFnet 6-3 Passing reference
  • the Dream 2 in FSFnet 6-4 Passing reference
  • If Looks Could Kill in FSFnet 7-1 He saves Tara from a bunch of cutthroats.
  • Duty in FSFnet 7-3 Morion sees it as his duty to put a stop to Kyle's ravages if he is able.
  • Two Journeys in FSFnet 7-5 Passing reference
  • the Treasure 3 in FSFnet 9-2 Once Morion recovers from the poison, he still has a task: to deliver the circlet to another former pupil, Je'en.
  • Conflict of Interest 1 in DargonZine 3-1 King Harlan explains why Lord Morion holds no fealty to the Kingdom
  • Conflict of Interest 2 in DargonZine 3-2 Morion's loyalties are questioned by Edward Sothos; Morion agrees to consider training some of Baranur's troops
  • Campaign for the Laraka 1 in DargonZine 3-8 Morion has to flee Shark's Cove; watches Ailiean's demise
  • Campaign for the Laraka 2 in DargonZine 3-10 Morion recommends that Port Sevlyn open itself to the Beinisons; finds his entrance to Gateway Keep refused; digs in outside Gateway
  • Pact 2 in DargonZine 4-4 Passing reference
  • Pact 6 in DargonZine 5-4 Passing reference
  • Place Unto Wrath in DargonZine 6-1 Passing reference of his efforts to push back the Beinison attack on the Laraka.
  • Laraka III 1 in DargonZine 7-1 Morion commands the forces outside Gateway Keep against the approaching Beinisons
  • Sons of Gateway: Reunion 7 in DargonZine 7-1 Lord of Pentamorlo, and leader of a small, retreating army outside of Gateway Keep.
  • Laraka III 2 in DargonZine 7-2 Morion argues with Lord Keeper of Gateway and the Castellan as they face Beinison's armies.
  • Tracks in DargonZine 7-5 Passing reference
  • Shadowstone 1 in DargonZine 9-2 Sir Morion heeds the call to war.
  • Night Two in DargonZine 10-3 Passing historical reference
  • Deliverance 0 in DargonZine 11-2 Baron responsible for taking forces from Shark's Cove through Sevlyn to dig in at Gateway against Beinison's marauding armies
  • For Want of a Nail... in DargonZine 19-9 Passing reference