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Description A sailor on the trading vessel Friendly Lion, Danae is a stocky woman with dark skin who left her home town in the south of Rubel as a young woman of fifteen. She ran away from her village rather than go through the rite of Choosing. She is one of the few people who have the ability to become a child of the sea.
  • The Sea Hag's Daughter in DargonZine 20-2 Uses a magical spell to assist Blen and Hernorala at the risk of her own life.
  • Shore Leave in DargonZine 22-2 Meets Aleo and is invited to join his pod of sea-children.
  • Redale's Shore Leave in DargonZine 24-3 Leaves Percy on a deserted island.
  • Drunken Treasure in DargonZine 29-1 Teamed up with Percy and Redale to find lost gold at sea.
  • A View From Above: The Island 2 in DargonZine 30-2 Is assigned the task of teaching Simon Salamagundi the local language when he is shipwrecked on her home island.