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Magnus, Battle of
Description A major battle fought during the Great Houses War on 3 Deber, 899. In this battle, King Caeron Tallirhan defended Magnus from outside the walls, against a combined force from Northfield, Monrodya, and Beinison. Whe the Comarrian mercenaries that had served him since the beginning of the war abandoned him, the battle was lost.
Although it took place relatively early in the war, many thought it would prove the decisive victory for Aendasia Blortnikson, as King Caeron was killed. However, he had spirited his queen, Dara, out of the city before the battle and she continued the war. Also, Magnus itself was not taken thanks in part to the heavy losses the King's Army inflicted before it was vanquished.
  • The Great Houses War 4 in DargonZine 19-9 It is remembered that at this battle, High Mage Milverri Rhihoshunleashed a powerful spell that had destroyed all of the Beinisonian mages, save Isidoro Mon-Orthanier