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Tallirhan, Cyrridain
Description Master Priest of the High Church of Magnus at the turn of the 10th century B.Y.; one of the first to hold this position. Died in 932 B.Y. Older half-brother of King Caeron Tallirhan; as an illegitimate child he was not in the line of succession to the Baranur throne upon the death of King Stefan II Tallirhan. He played a key role in his half-brother's ascension to that throne and in fact placed the crown on Caeron's head in the Cathedral of the Stevene on 29 Vibril, 897 - a pivotal event that helped precipitate the Great Houses War. Writer of the famous work, the Anabasis of Cyrridain Tallirhan inwhich he he recorded all the events of the Great Houses War and the lives of King Caeron and Queen Dara in a seventeen volumes.